“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 1.7 “Playing With Fire”

Nikki’s cell — Nikki’s still reading Romeo and Juliet. Monica’s hanging out in Nikki’s cell and knitting something for Spencer. Hollamby shows up to interrupt their down time.

Hollamby: Get your stuff together. You’re moving.
Nikki: Why? What the hell for?
Hollamby: You’re moving to G-3.
Nikki: G-3? You winding me up?
Hollamby: Miss Stewart’s instructions. You’ve obviously made a very favorable impression in certain quarters. Well, maybe you can fool Miss Stewart, but you can’t fool me. I’ve been in this job too long to have the wool pulled.
Nikki: Fifty years now, isn’t it?

Ha. Careful, Nikki: Don’t snark a gift horse in the mouth.

Monica gives Nikki a congratulatory hug. Yeah, it’s the tank top: They tend to invite hugs.

So Nikki moves right up to G-3. Shell is appalled.

Shell: What’s going on?
Nikki: Say hello to your new next-door neighbor.
Shell: You what?! She can’t move up here.

Nikki pretends to inspect her new digs. I’m still stunned by her attire and rather nice arms.

Shell says Nikki tried to kill her a couple of months ago and shouldn’t be treated so well. Hollamby says it wasn’t exactly her bright idea.

Nikki: Seems like it’s the governor’s decision, Shell.
Shell: You must be shaggin’ her.

Hollamby tells Dockley to scram. Nikki’s face looks a little bit guilty. She may not have done the actual shagging yet, but I suspect she’s thought about it more than once.

Nikki soon has her first visitor. It’s a very smiley Helen.

Helen: How are you settling in?
Nikki: Fine. Great view. Feels different being up here officially.
Helen: Nikki, I’m sure I don’t need to spell it out, but being on Enhanced does have its responsibilities. You know that, don’t you?
Nikki: Yep.
Helen: I need to know that I can trust you.

Look at those lips — who wouldn’t strive to be trustworthy, just for the teeniest kiss from Miss Stewart?

Nikki: I promise to behave myself and say my prayers before I go to bed, all right?
Helen: [sighing and looking dejected]
Nikki: Look, I’m not very good at this sort of thing. But thanks. Thanks a lot.
Helen: It’s OK.

It’s waaaaaay more than OK, Helen. Nikki now knows she’s your favorite. That’s why they call it that: You do favors for your favorite. Big ones.

Neighbors — Shell stops by to make peace with Nikki. And if you believe that, allow me to set you up on a date with a nice gentleman named Fenner. What Shell really wants to do is annoy Nikki to the point of rage — and she almost succeeds. But Nikki doesn’t quite let herself throttle the evil blonde.

Shell: What’s up, dyke? You scared?

Ugh. That would be enough to make me clock her, but Nikki’s still holding back. Dominic stops by just in time. Nikki just scoffs and shakes her head.

Dominic: [looking around the cell] You know who you’ve got to thank for this, don’t you?
Nikki: Yeah. The governor.
Dominic: She’s showing a lot of faith in you.
Nikki: Dunno why.
Dominic: Just don’t cock it up, yeah?
Nikki: What’s going on? Suddenly the place is awash with nice screws. Bodybag’ll be bringing me cups of tea next.

Dom just says good night, leaving Nikki to her books and her dreams. Of Helen. The dreams, not the books.

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