“Bad Girls Club” visits GirlBar


Two observations:

1.)It is perplexing why Amber did not attempt to escape when she saw Flo approaching her. Amber had at least a ten second head start due to Flo’s injury slowing her approach. Amber knows that people on this show do not “talk things out.” They break each other’s faces. When someone you have just injured starts coming after you on this show, a wise response would be to flee. Amber, as we all know, is not wise, but this scene proves just how dense she truly is.

2.)This scene is a prime example of the reason why we watch these shows. First, we gawk at this type of behavior and pat ourselves on the back that we do not engage in such beastly behavior. We assure ourselves that we better than these people. However, a small part of us felt a twinge of satisfaction when that irritating homophobe hit the concrete. A teeny tiny beastly part of us, one that we hide from civilized society but it exists nonetheless. After all “talking things out” can be such a drag.

The episode ends up with Flo returning from the hospital in a cast, and Amber decides that Flo should be removed from the house for her safety. Eventually, however, Flo is allowed to stay when she puts on an “Oscar-worthy” (her words, not mine) performance and begs Amber to let her stay.

Cut to the final scene. Flo smiles at the camera and says, “I’m a better actor than Johnny Depp.” Amber, watch your back.

And there you have it. Bisexual representation on reality television, The Real World: D.C. and The Bad Girls Club. If you were locked in a room and could not gain your freedom unless you watched the entire season of one of the above shows, which one would you choose? And is it time for a letter writing campaign to Bunim/Murray Productions?

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