“Bad Girls Club” visits GirlBar

Flo overhears Amber and is finally over it. Lots of unintelligible yelling peppered with expletives ensues.

Amber shoves Flo into the pool.

While Flo sputters in the pool, Amber continues to yell at Flo about her bisexuality. To add injury to insult, Flo discovers that the fall has broken her ankle.

Finally, Amber stops screaming about licking and sticking cooters and the resulting confusion it causes and retreats to a lawn chair, where she basks in the glory of her perceived victory. Meanwhile, Flo has ceased being Flo. Like Dr. Bruce Banner transforming into The Incredible Hulk, Flo morphs from loudmouthed but otherwise normal Flo to super strength attack machine Flo-Ra, Princess of Power.

Flo-Ra limps over to Amber and pulls her off the lawn chair by her hair. She then musters up the strength and balance, broken ankle and all, to pick Amber up and toss her a few feet across the pool deck, making her eat a mouthful of concrete.


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