“Bad Girls Club” visits GirlBar

Bad Girls Club follows eight “bad girls” with personal, psychological or behavioral problem as they live in a house for a few months and cause general mayhem. They ostensibly work on reaching personal goals and bettering themselves, but the show is, at its heart, eight crazy behatchis being followed around by an intrepid camera crew, whose team members are most likely wearing body armor and have mostly likely signed draconian waiver and release of liability forms.

Currently, the show holds the distinction of being one of two reality shows featuring a bisexual cast members on U.S. television. The other one is The Real World: D.C. Some of you have wondered why The Real World: D.C. was the initial winner of the AfterEllen recap lottery. You are about see why.

Meet Flo. She is openly bi, and as you will see later on, she missed her calling to train as a world class discus thrower.

In the clips of the previous episode, we discover that Flo had shoved one of the housemates (but not so violently as to be removed from the house) and that another housemate, Amber, was uncomfortable with Flo’s sexuality. Another cast mate concluded that Flo did not get any play from boys, so she decided to go after girls.

And it just gets better!

In last night’s episode, Flo takes the rest of the house to the weekly Friday night lesbian party GirlBar in Los Angeles, and as they are in a salon getting Brazilian waxes and their nails done, they discuss the upcoming big night out. The conversation unfolds below.

Amber: the discomfort is palpable

Natalie exclaims, “It’s box eating time!”

Flo predicts that Amber will attract a lot of attention from the ladies, because “she looks like one of those gay baseball player girls.” (Flo, honey, the sport is called “softball.”)

Amber reacts as if an army of fire ants has suddenly appeared in the pedicure basin and is about to crawl up her pants. “I don’t look like a gay baseball player girl!” she objects.

“A man is not going to get mad if a girl eats your box,” counters Flo.

“A lady is not going to eat my box!” insists Amber.

Natalie butts in: “I would let a lady eat my box but I would not eat a lady’s box.”

Observations so far:

Flo: Underestimates an average man’s reaction if he walks in on his girlfriend having sex with another woman; anger is a plausible if not the most probable emotion.

Amber: Definitely looks like “one of those gay baseball player girls.”

Natalie: Selfish.

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