“Bad Girls Club”: the most lesbian show on television


No matter how they identify, it seemed the whole group of women were interested in going out to gay and lesbian bars and participating in the Pride parade. Lea said she’s been going to these places since before she was of legal age, so she knew where to take Brandi and any of the girls who just wanted to have a good time.

"Some of the other girls are open minded, except a few of them," Lea said, explaining that she thinks the camera had a little bit to do with why some of the women were reserved with their opinions about homosexuality either way. "I think there was tension with it, but I think myself and Brandi were very alpha females in the house and no one’s going to say something like that to one of us because hell’s gonna break loose. Had it been someone else that was weaker and was a lesbian then perhaps there would have been more drama. But I think people were intimidated by me and Brandi than other girls in the house. That had a factor in why they were so passive about it."

Christina said she thinks there was some bisexual tendencies in some of the other girls, as on previous seasons. "I think I’m like the first true lesbian, really. Brandi says she’s a lesbian 90 percent of the time; I’m a lesbian 100 percent of the time, so I’m the first true lesbian on the show," she said.

Christina and Brandi found a bond in their commonality, which Christina said she appreciated. "I definitely felt like I had a connection to Brandi in the house because she was a lesbian. We connected on a friendship level. There’d be plenty of times we’d sit outside and have conversations about girls and being a lesbian so it was really good to have somebody in the house that I could be close with in that way," she said.

While Brandi is looking for sex in Miami, Christina has her girlfriend, Lauren, visit. Lauren is a soft butch type, a few years older than Christina who seems to be in love with her. In fact, the episode in which Lauren comes to town shows Christina at her most vulnerable. Despite Christina’s bad girl status, they appear to adore one another, and not just sexually. Lauren gives Christina a promise ring, and shows off her tattoo of Christina’s name on her stomach.

"My girlfriend was definitely a little bit nervous because it is The Bad Girls Club," Christina said. "She knows that I am a bad girl, so she was nervous with how I was gonna act. So it definitely caused a lot of strain on our relationship."

Christina and Lauren’s relationship is the only one featured on the show. All of the other Bad Girls have flings, but Lauren is the only long-term partner with whom a Bad Girl entered the house. They are shown kissing, getting ready to go to bed together, and Christina tells the camera they had the best sex they’ve had in a while while Lauren is visiting.

Christina said she has always been strong in her individuality, and is proud to be a lesbian. "Growing up, I was who I am and I always believed in myself. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to talk to me, you don’t have to be around me, that’s just who I am," she said. "I feel very strongly about that, and when I believe in something, I believe in myself."

"I feel like I’m a very good influence because I have people coming up to me all the time, saying ‘We loved you on the show, how you stand up for yourself.’ I actually had this gay guy e-mail me saying ‘Thank you so much for standing up for yourself. Now I’m going to come out because I saw how you acted on the show.’ I get a lot of positive feedback and it’s good to be able to help somebody out."

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