“Bad Girls Club”: the most lesbian show on television

On the show, Lea seems to be irresistible to women. In this week’s episode, she is approached by a woman in a bar, and Lea asks the woman if it’s because she looks likes a lesbian. Lea comes home complaining about how no men ever hit on her, so she might as well just become a lesbian.

"I don’t think your sexual orientation is a choice. I think it is what it is," Lea told us. "I hate it though. I hate saying I’m bisexual because I don’t want to put myself in some category that society thinks I should put myself in. If there is something about a person, regardless of sexual orientation, regardless if you’re a man or a woman or if you’re transexual, if I feel as though you’re intriguing or if there’s something that I’m drawn to, then I like you — period. I think people are beautiful regardless of their organs."

So far, Lea’s hook-ups on the show have been with women, with the exception of one brief make out session with a guy at a bar, which she told the camera she did just to prove she wasn’t a lesbian.

"I think women are beautiful. I think men are beautiful as well," Lea said. "It isn’t about women or men – I think there’s something beautiful in anyone. Have I been in a relationship with a girl? Yeah. Have I dated a girl? Yeah. I have done the same with men, too. It’s not necessarily that I prefer one or the other."

But for viewers watching the show, it’d be easy to be confused — just like it’d be easy to be confused with Brandi, after she slept with a man in Jamaica.

"I was like ‘You guys are talking so much about me being a lesbian because I hook up with a woman, but [Brandi] talks about being a gold star and being a full-blown lesbian and then she’s having sex with married men in Jamaica," Lea said. "It’s just so hypocritical. I think people just need to respect each other for who they are and what they want and that’s it. This is why I hate titles as well."

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