“Bad Girls Club”: the most lesbian show on television


So far, there have been 10 episodes and almost every single one has focused on Brandi and Lea. The sex featured on the show has involved these two women and female partners  — except for once in Jamaica, when Brandi slept with a man because she was "horny" and couldn’t find any lesbians on the island. (Not surprisingly — it’s not exactly a gay mecca.)

The show finished filming in June, but the women are reliving their time in the house with America every Tuesday when a new episode airs on Oxygen. Christina tells AfterEllen.com that she was drawn to the show because she is a true Bad Girl, and also thought the house could use some lesbian representation.

"I feel like there’s not a lot of strong lesbian women portrayed on television, so I thought it would be a good chance to get out there and show myself and who I am and what I’m about," Christina said. "I definitely feel that’s who I am everyday. That’s my character. I definitely represent myself really well on the show."

On a recent episode, Christina and Lea got into a huge argument in which Christina continues to tell Lea she’s a lesbian. "I have good gaydar," she says, and feels vindicated when, later that night, Lea gets a lap dance from a female stripper. But when they get home from the club, Lea blows up at Christina, screaming that she isn’t a lesbian, that she loves men, and that Christina is only a lesbian because men wouldn’t like her.

"I did it partially just to get on Lea’s nerves, because of the way they treated me when I came in the house," Christina said. "But another part of me really did feel she was a lesbian, she was making out with girls and so there was a part of me that really did mean it."

Now, Lea is a little more level-headed about the situation, and says she wishes it hadn’t been about sexual orientation, because it wasn’t really about that at all.

She told us, "It’s really unfortunate that it had to be about being a lesbian or whatnot," she said. "At the end of the day, it really had nothing to do with it. You’re put in a house where you have no television, you have no iPhone, you have no music, no internet – you have nothing. All you have is each other. You spend so much time with each other that these quirks and little things begin to irritate you.

"She’s from like Long Island or New Jersey or wherever and I’m from Miami and we are just so different," Lea continued. "When someone just constantly is telling you something like ‘You’re a lesbian’ — she could have been saying ‘You’re blonde! You’re blonde!’ And if I tell you ‘Please stop. Please stop.’ After a while, it’s so redundant and consistent, you get to the point where you explode."

Lea’s relationship with Brandi continued to be tumultuous, with Brandi’s obsession turning violent when Lea made it known that she was uninterested in pursing a sexual relationship with her.

"Maybe she’s not accustomed to hearing no," Lea said, also mentioning the two women are cordial today. "I can’t tell you why she would do that. I really have no idea but it was really awkward."

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