Aw! 15 Adorable Lesbian Couples

Lauren Blitzer and Chely Wright

The newly expecting moms were married in Connecticut in August of 2011 because it wasn’t legal yet in New York, where the two live. “We’re old fashioned in that way – we want to be legally married,” Chely said before the ceremony.

Melissa Etheridge and Linda Wallem

The musician and TV writer were best friends for years before they took it to the next level and Melissa couldn’t be happier. “Finally through relationships and through my own growth process and understanding of my life and my own choices, here I am in a situation where I’m in a relationship with someone who I’ve been friends with for 10 years,” she told us in October. “We’ve got a track record of friendship-love to begin with. Then to bring that closer was just really natural and a beautiful thing. It’s the most supportive, healthy relationship I’ve ever been in, so I’m not surprised that my music is reflecting that.”

Jillian Michaels and Heidi Rhoades

The trainer and her yoga instructor partner have been together for several years but made it public this year when they magically acquired two children. Jillian told Redbook, it was secretive “…only because Heidi wanted to keep her life private. But when we were having kids, I thought, How am I supposed to hide a newborn? So we thought, ‘Let’s talk about it.’ It wasn’t so much about coming out. It was more about, OK, this is my family.” And a beautiful family it is.

Carol Leifer and Lori Wolf

The comedian/writer has been with her partner Lori, a real estate developer, for more than 15 years. In 2009, she told Time, “We’re kind of die-hard holdouts. We have so many friends who got married right before the election, and it was a really fun time. We went to a zillion parties. But I [could] see the writing on the wall, and I had a feeling that Prop. 8 was going to pass. It was a really crushing blow to our friends to go from this kind of high of exhilaration to this stunning defeat. So Lori and I feel we’re going to wait until there’s one marriage across the board, and it might be awhile. We just feel strongly about it.” Hopefully they’ll be able to make it legal in the near future.

Wanda and Alex Sykes

Wanda Sykes joked last year that she’s been married to both a man and to a woman, and she prefers the latter. In fact, she strongly prefers her French wife Alex, who she married in 2008 before coming out publicly at a Las Vegas Prop. 8 rally.

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