Ask (September 29, 2009)


Question: What’s up with L.P.‘s new album that was due out this year? I’m completely in love with her.

― Anna, Springfield, Missouri, USA


Answer: I checked in with the always amusing rocker and she sent me a note with the following update:

I am currently writing songs for various artists, known ones and up-and-comers. I signed a new publishing deal in April, and wrote songs and did vocal production for one of them big reality TV stars.

I’m doing the bi-coastal thing right now, kinda been taking it easy on my artist stuff since I got out from under the major label heel last November. It felt kinda like getting out of a long-term relationship, so I took a few months off and schtupped a lot a people and now I might be able to leave a toothbrush at some chick’s house. :)

Sooo … putting a band together on the DL right now and it won’t be called "L.P.," I can tell you that. It’s gonna be all rock s**t, no f***ing pop bulls**t for a minute. I still love pop, but I’m saving those songs for those other peeps I mentioned above.

This stuff is not to make some douchebag A & R guy happy, it’s just for me, the band and whoever wants to listen. Yeah!!!. F**k the man, yo!

Well, in the words of Michael McDonald, "Shine sweet freedom!"

Let’s hope L.P.’s adventures in the world of writing for other artists ends up being just as fruitful (and profitable) as it has for another lesbian rocker who shares her same initials.

To tide you over until the new album is released, U.S. readers can check out this video from her most recent single, "Good With You/Cling to Me."

LP Good With You/Cling to Me

For album updates (and the occasional hilarious blog post) check out L.P.’s MySpace page.

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