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Question: Can you answer the following questions about A Woman of No Importance?
When will filming begin? Will it be delayed due to the death of Natasha Richardson? (Her husband, Liam Neeson, stopped filming Chloe, so there will be a delay. But Amanda Seyfried first has to finish Chloe, before she can take part in A Woman of No Importance.) Will it really be filmed in Australia?

― Susanne, Hannover, Germany

Amanda Seyfried

Answer: It sounds like you already know more about this movie than I do!

Director Atom Egoyan told that Neeson returned to the set of Chloe soon after his wife’s death and finished his work on the film (which is now listed as being in post-production on

As far as A Woman of No Importance is concerned, it’s currently listed as being in pre-production on IMDB, which also reports that the shooting locations will include Australia and the U.S. (specifically, New Orleans, LA). So far, there is no official word on when shooting might begin.

Seyfried will co-star along with Annette Bening in this updated version of Oscar Wilde’s "class comedy, playing a young woman who falls victim to the mischievous games of a group of upper-crust members of British society." The release date for the film is still listed as "2009," but considering the fact that we’re almost halfway through the year and they’re still in pre-production, that date may change.

If you’re in a hurry to get a Seyfried fix, Jennifer’s Body (written by Diablo Cody and co-starring Megan Fox) is in post-production and currently slated for a September 19, 2009 release.

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