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Question: Nicol Paone is my favorite on The Big Gay Sketch Show (and I’ve seen all the episodesmore please!), but where else can I watch her?

― Meredith, Iowa

Answer: I tracked down Ms. Paone (she just finished shooting another season of BGSS) and asked her for an update:

The many faces of Nicol Paone

I just wrapped Season Three of The Big Gay Sketch Show, where I played Glenn Close, Mother Theresa, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Marcia Cross, a woman with one breast larger than the other and much much more.

You can also see me playing opposite Adam Sandler in Judd Apatow‘s Funny People which comes out on July 31. I also have the lead role in the indie comedy Three Chris’s, which will make it’s world premiere at The Hoboken International Film Festival on June 2.

I am going to be a presenter at this year’s NewNowNext Awards (which will air on LOGO on Saturday June 13) and I’ll be performing live in Los Angeles at The Ramada Inn (Vermont Ave) on May 31 at 9PM in a very funny show called Shanty Town! I have more live shows in LA this summer but the dates and times are TBD.

You can check my facebook page for more details! Please befriend me and thanks for asking about what I’m up to lately!

I never would have imagined that I’d have a reason to go see an Adam Sandler movie, but now I do. Great. Thanks a lot, Nicol!

I also took this opportunity to ask Paone if she’d like to comment on the rumors that have been circulating about her love life (specifically, that she was spotted making out with comedian Erin Foley, pictured right, at Dinah last month).

She told me:

To those of you who have inquired about my sexuality, thank you! It is none of your business, and if you ask my girlfriend she will say the same. I am a bisexual lady, and indeed that was me making out with Erin Foley at Dinah Shore, but she told me that she was Anthony Kiedis.

Two comedians in a relationship? There’s gotta be a joke in there somewhere.

A special thanks goes out to AE reader TruMischief for her invaluable research assistance with the Ask column.

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