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Question: I wonder if some day we will see this movie in theaters Les Passages, with Mary-Louise Parker and Julie Delpy. I love Mary Louise in Fried Green Tomatoes. By the way, what happened to Mary Stuart Masterson? She’s so wonderful too.

― Silvia

Mary-Louise Parker

Answer: I checked in with Old Faithful, aka, and the page for the film was last updated on April 15, 2009, at which time the status of the film was listed as "Post-production." So that’s encouraging, but no release date was listed.

In case you aren’t familiar with the film, I can summarize for you from the description on the official website. It’s about New York filmmaker Catherine (Mary-Louise Parker) running away to shoot her movie in Paris. She has a chance meeting with Anna (Julie Delpy), the actress who plays her mother in the film, that "sets her life, and heart, on another course."

Before you get too excited, I don’t think that she sets down a lesbian course. The description also reveals that Catherine has an affair with Mathieu, "the first Frenchman to pull up on a motorcycle and deconstruct the camera obscura."

Who knows what might have happened if she had waited for a second one?

As for Masterson, aside from an appearance on an episode of Cupid this season, she’s been busy working behind-the-scenes, directing and producing the film The Cake Eaters (starring, among others, Kristen Stewart and Melissa Leo) in 2007, and currently producing the upcoming film Tickling Leo.

Mary Stuart Masterson

She’s got one other important production in the works too. Masterson announced just last week that she and her husband, actor Jeremy Davidson, are expecting their first child.

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