Ask (May 19, 2009)


Question: What happened to the Cameron Esposito show, Homo Genius? Only two episodes are here, where’s the rest?

― Késsia, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Cameron Esposito

Answer: I wrote to Cameron and asked her to explain herself to her irate fans, and this is what she had to say:

I’m so stoked that AE readers like the series …and there are definitely more to come. Episode 3 is currently being edited by our super talented director, Mr. Steve Delahoyde. Expect that by the end of the month. Why so long between episodes, you ask? Well, this winter was a wild one. My real-life girlfriend, Zee Hartmann, who plays X in the series, has been in her native South Africa for the past six months-spending time with family and enjoying a year of summer.

I did a standup tour of the UK in February and then flew down to Cape Town to meet her (and Kristanna Loken ok, that wasn’t on the itinerary, but it did happen). We didn’t shoot anything while I was there not even wild game ha! A pun! So X is not featured in Episode 3, but look for a reunion episode in July.

In the meantime, readers can find clips of my standup and episodes of Feast of Fun (a big deal queer podcast that frequently has me on as a guest) on my Facebook fan page. Go there! Become a fan! Do it. Doooo it.

How much do you love that pic? She looks like a sporty Desperate Housewife!

Question: What happen to Dee and Jenn (and their vlog Come With Me If You Want to Live)? Are they going to come out with their Dinah vlog? What are they going to recap now? Just really wanted to know I miss them.

― Tasha, Georgia

Answer: I checked in with Jenn and she told me:

School is out, so Dee and I are going to shoot a series of random vlogs over the course of the next couple of weeks. The first installment will include our trip to Dinah and should be ready for viewing around the end of the month. The rest of the vlogs will be posted sporadically throughout the summer while we’re apart. Sorry about the delay, thanks everyone for your patience!

So sit tight, they’ll be back soon!

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