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Question: What’s Ami Cusack up to these days? I fell madly in TV-love with her when she was on Survivor and I’d love to know what she’s doing now.

Kakan, Sweden

Question: Whatever happened to Scout from Survivor: Vanuatu? I was really rooting for her to win!

— Jennifer, New Mexico

Answer: In February 2008, interviewed former Vanuatu contestant Ami Cusack as Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites was set to premiere on CBS. Micronesia featured Survivor fans competing against former Survivor contestants, and Cusack ended up being the eighth player voted off the island.

Ami Cusack

In the interview, Cusack was asked about her sexuality and how she was identified by the press.

AE: So, do you identify as bisexual or lesbian or do you prefer not to identify?
Oh gosh, I don’t know. I don’t know if I would put a specific label on any of it. I mean, if I met the woman of my dreams and fell in love, I would stay with her, and if I met the man of my dreams and fell in love, I would stay with him. Like, I don’t know. "Bisexual" doesn’t really seem to fit me, and "lesbian" doesn’t really fit. I don’t know. I don’t know what I would classify myself [as].

AE: Well, at the time that you were with Crissy, all the press identified you as a lesbian. Did you agree with that at the time?
AC: I don’t care. It didn’t bother me at all. That’s other people’s judgment calls or ways of defining something. It didn’t offend me at all. I support all the Pride fests — in fact I’m gonna be hostessing for the L.A. Pride, and I’m always, always at the Colorado Pride. It’s really something that I will always support.

In response to your question, we tried to track Cusack down for a new update, but to no avail (so far). However we did find a November 2008 interview with Cusack from (the "T" stands for Testosterone). In it, journalist Bryan Krahn caught up with the winners of fitness guru Bill Phillips‘s Body for Life contest, which included Phillips’s former fiancee, Cusack. asked Cusack a variety of hard-hitting questions, including whether or not she was stripper when she met Phillips (she was) and about her photoshoot with Playboy magazine in 1996. When not being a good sport and answering those questions, Cusack also talked about her plan to start a new career in St. Thomas in January 2009. Cusack said, "I’m moving there in January, by the way, with my boyfriend. I’m studying to become a midwife at the University of the Virgin Islands in St. Thomas. It’s a two-year program."

When asked her to confirm her use of the term "boyfriend," she told them, "What can I say? I met the man of my dreams. His name is Colin, he’s from Colorado, and I fell in love with him the very first day I met him."

Not convinced, reminded her, "But in Survivor, CBS always made such a big deal about you being gay."

Clearly, they had not read her 2008 interview with

Cusack replied, "I’m not gay. I never was gay. I’m just very openhearted. I was very much in love with Crissy [her girlfriend at the time she shot Survivor: Vanatu], but things just didn’t work out between us. I still love her, and she’s my closest friend today."

We also caught up with Cusack’s fellow Survivor: Vanuatu contestant, Dr. Scout Cloud Lee.

Dr.Scout Cloud Lee and her canine friend, Lani

She told us:

I spent almost two years building to a home in Kauai with my friend, Annie.
She is still living there and I’m back in Ada, Oklahoma doing a number of things: Caring for my 90-year old Mama, writing several books (finished four), teaching at the local university, and continuing to doing corporate team building, motivational speaking, and peak performance coaching.

I brought my horses back with me, bought a beautiful little ranch, and am totally in love. Life is fabulous.

I’m the CEO for our Training company and CEO for the Magical Child Foundation.
I’m looking forward to travel, playing, and lots of inspiring work.

It’s good to see that Survivor‘s first openly queer female contestants are thriving in the post-reality TV world.

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