Ask (March 31, 2009)

Question: So what’s the scoop with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America? I had heard that she outed herself at an HRC meeting years ago, but have never seen or heard anything since. Obviously, she oozes vibes that she plays for our team, but I wondered if she was public about the fact.

— Trish

Robin Roberts

Answer: Nope.

Question: Whatever happened to the TV psychic Miss Cleo? I heard she was a lesbian. (She probably knew I was going to ask about her, right?)

— Annie, Seattle WA

Miss Cleo aka Youree Dell Cleomili Harris

Answer: The Miami Herald recently ran an article about Miss Cleo (Youree Dell Cleomili Harris) and found that she is now living the good life in Lake Worth, Florida.

Starting in the late 1990s, she worked as a phone operator for the pay-per-call Psychic Readers Network, and eventually became famous for her role as their television infomercial spokesperson.

Of her time with the Psychic Readers Network, she told the Herald, "I did me… And, apparently, it did very well for them.”

But the company (and Harris, as their spokesperson) were hit with lawsuits, including one by the Federal Trade Commission for engaging in "deceptive advertising, billing and collection practices." When the company went out of business, her job ended (but Harris was never indicted or held liable).

In the years that followed, Harris moved to Florida, came out (in a 2006 interview with The Advocate), and started a new life.

Harris now hosts a radio show, "Live OUT Loud!" on Vee Radio, broadcast live each week from the Mother Earth coffeehouse with her friend (and Mother Earth owner) Patti Lucia, and also regularly posts podcasts of her spiritual predictions on her website,

According to the Herald interview, Harris is also involved in the local LGBT political scene. "She has protested in downtown Lake Worth, walked in the Florida AIDS Walk in Fort Lauderdale, and emceed the PrideFest 2008 of the Palm Beaches." And in 2007, she released her first spoken-word CD, Convicted For My Beliefs. reviewed it and determined, "The subject matter is modern, encompassing the Don Imus scandal and the NYPD shooting of Sean Bell. But the cadences and palpable fearlessness are more reminiscent of the Last Poets than of today’s slam-to-entertain, HBO-type poetry. No tunes, just 44 a cappella minutes of Miss Cleo." (The CD is for sale on Harris’s website.)

Though she is a busy woman, she still gives private readings (you can schedule an appointment on her website) and regularly broadcasts her predictions for our collective future. In the video clip posted with the Miami Herald interview, she promised that the market would be turning around this year in "the last quarter."

For the sake of us all, let’s hope that that Miss Cleo’s old infomercial promise that "the cards never lie" is true even in her latest incarnation.

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