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Question: I just watched Meet Dave (don’t ask me why because it sucked!) and Gabrielle Union is smoking hot! I also saw her on Life this week. Does she have any other new movies or TV shows coming up?

— Jill, Virginia, USA

Gabrielle Union

Answer: The gorgeous Nebraska-born actress and singer has been a busy woman over the last year.

She recently joined the cast of NBC’s Life as Detective Jane Seever, the new partner of Charlie Crews (played by Damian Lewis). Union is filling in for Sarah Shahi as her real-life pregnancy becomes more noticeable, and hopefully her character will stick around even after Shahi returns.

Union also recently appeared in several episodes of ABC’s Ugly Betty as Dominique, the sister of Wilhelmina Slater (played by Vanessa Williams).

But she may have a more permanent gig next year: Union was just cast this week in a new pilot on the CW, The Body Politic, also starring Brian Austin Green. reports that The Body Politic is a drama "focusing on a young woman who moves to Washington to work for a Senator and the other eager up-and-comers with whom she becomes friends." The pilot will also star Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars), Jay Hernandez (Crazy/Beautiful), and Mika Kelly (Friday Night Lights).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Brian Austin Green will play the president’s ‘boy wonder’ adviser. Union will play his sometimes-girlfriend, a legislative director."

Let’s hope there’s more to the role of "sometimes-girlfriend" than it sounds like there will be. Is it too late to nominate Union for the role of president instead?

We’ll let you know if The Body Politic gets picked up, and in the meantime, I suggest you screen my personal favorite Union film, the rousing cheerleader epic Bring It On. This quote from the film should be enough to entice you to watch: "Remember: They give extra points for alacrity and effulgence."

Sigh. If only real life worked the same way.

Speaking of wanting life to imitate art, Union has played a lesbian onscreen more than once, but apparently she regrets how asexual each portrayal has been. So do we!

Gabrielle Union and Annette Bening as lovers in Running With Scissors

In a July 2008 interview with Men’s Fitness, Union was asked about a rumor that she "wouldn’t mind a girl-on-girl love scene." She told them:

I’ve been trying for years [Laughs]! I’ve played a lesbian like three times and I’ve been the most asexual lesbian in history. I wouldn’t sign up for that experience if I wasn’t ready for every aspect of that character. When you sign up to play a character, you sign up to play every aspect of that character’s life. And if she’s going to have a love interest, what’s the point of having two gay characters if you don’t get to see them for who they are. If that means kissing, making out, or making love, let’s show it!

Bring it on indeed!

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