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Question: Will Cherry Jones be on 24 again next season?

Linda K., Cleveland, OH

Answer: Yes! It was recently announced that the Tony Award-winning actress will return to 24 once again as U.S. President Allison Taylor in the show’s eighth season (airing next January).

Cherry Jones in 24

Jones told The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that TV host Charlie Rose turned her onto the show. She said, "I’m someone who has always disliked, greatly, gratuitous violence. I don’t believe in torture, yet I found the storylines and characters and action and espionage so addicting, it would have been hypocrisy for me not to do the show."

And what does she think about the ethical questions raised by the show in regards to torture and terrorism? Jones told the Post-Gazette:

Lord knows given the grave we’ve been digging for ourselves in these last few years and corruption at the highest levels of institutions we thought we could trust and the moral authority we’ve lost around the world for any number of reasons, it would sure be great as a nation to get that one thing right, that we do treat human beings with dignity. But then I put myself in Jack Bauer’s position and all bets are off. And that’s what is so fascinating to people about 24 and why liberals love it.

When asked what political party Jones’ fictional President might belong to, she stated, "I have my own theories, which I will not share because I think it’s interesting that they always make a point of leaving it up to the individual audience member…My hair seems to be Republican but I don’t know about the rest of me."

While we’re on the subject of Jones, her real-life sweetheart, actress Sarah Paulson, will soon be appearing onstage in the world premiere of The Gingerbread House, by Mark Schultz (and directed by Alex Kilgore) at the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater in New York.

The official (and officially cryptic) description of the play states, "In Schultz’s darkly comic Gingerbread House, Brian and Stacey want a better life, the life they deserve. However, what they’re willing to do to get it will destroy their family, rip them apart… and finally get them into ‘the Club.’”

The play also stars Paulson’s Cupid co-star Bobby Cannavale and Jackie Hoffman (Kissing Jessica Stein). Performances begin Friday, April 11, with opening night set for April 18th. Tickets are $40 and are available at

Look for more about Paulson’s upcoming ABC dramedy Cupid on in the coming weeks, and read more about Jones and Paulson’s relationship here.

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