Ask (March 10, 2009)

Question: Do you have any info on where I can get a copy of the DVD or watch the documentary Searching 4 Sandeep?

— JStone, Nyack, NY

Answer: For those of you unfamiliar with Searching 4 Sandeep, it’s a documentary by Poppy Stockell about her adventures in online dating. Here’s the official description:

To her surprise and delight, she forges a deep online connection with an English woman, Sandeep Virdi. When their innocent flirtation turns into true attachment, Poppy sends Sandeep a camcorder and viewers watch as Poppy and Sandeep’s virtual relationship blooms into a poignant love complicated by the reality that Sandeep is Sikh, lives at home with her conservative family, and has kept her sexuality a secret.

The documentary follows their relationship "across two years, and three continents, in a touching examination of sexuality, religion, globalization, and culture seen through the lens of this uniquely modern love story."

A still from Searching 4 Sandeep

I contacted the filmmaker, and she told me that Searching 4 Sandeep is being distributed by Women Make Movies, a multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women. You can purchase a copy at the official website for WMM. (You can also learn more about Searching 4 Sandeep at the MySpace page for the film.)

Question: A while back, I saw a funny documentary about the Dinah Shore Weekend called A Lez In Wonderland. Can you tell me more about the director and what else she’s done?

— JoAnn, Tampa, FL

Answer: I saw Anna Margarita Albelo‘s A Lez in Wonderland at Outfest a couple of years ago, and it was one of my favorites in the festival lineup. In fact, I remember watching it and hoping that I wasn’t one of of the many deranged, partying lesbians that she somehow convinced to talk about The Dinah on camera.

Anna Margarita Albelo

After the screening was over and I realized that I probably hadn’t even been there the year she shot it, I loved the film even more!

But I digress. I contacted Albelo and asked her what she’s working on now. She told me:

"Since A Lez in Wonderland, I participated in a feature documentary called, Gay And So What? a collaboration between several filmmakers covering six cities around the world: New York, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Peking, and Havana. I did the segment on Cuba and created a 17 minute individual piece from it. I also had a short film, The Turkey, at the Cannes Film Festival (Critic’s Week). It’s an ode to mothers.

My on-going project is once again destined to contribute to lesbian culture, it’s called The Lipstick Lesbian Revolution: From Birkenstocks to Burberrys, and will encompass lesbian history from 1989to today. Hot!

I am looking for producers, investors, even comments or testimonials about the the past 15 years in lesbian history. My hypothesis for the film is that while we have never heard or seen so much about lesbians in the media, lesbian culture is actually disappearing. The film is historical, anthropological, and sociological. I want to analyze how pop culture has helped lesbian visibility but also it’s invisibility. If lesbians don’t support their own culture literature, cinema, artno one else will, and this is what’s consistently happening. Lesbians are the first people who need to get more involved in advancing our stories and our place in history.

Until I find a distributor in the U.S., anyone interested in my films can get them directly from me. I sell them as "art pieces!"
Contact me at, and get more info on my work at"


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