Ask (June 2, 2009)

Question: Saving Face (2004) is probably my favorite lesbian film of all time. While I’d love a sequel, I’m not betting on it happening. So instead I will ask, what is everyone from the film doing now?

― Kirsten, Phoenix, AZ

Answer: For my sake, I hope by "everyone" you mean the cast and the director, because I’m really not wanting to track down the production assistants.

Lynn Chen, Michelle Krusiec, Joan Chen and Alice Wu

Writer/director Alice Wu has been working on Foreign Babies in Beijing, a comedy based on the memoir of Rachel DeWoskin about how, as a 21-year-old poetry major looking for adventure, she headed to China and became an overnight sensation as the American vixen of a Chinese soap opera. The film is listed as still being in development, so no word yet on when shooting may start or when we can expect to see it.

Michelle Krusiec (who played "Wil") has a couple of film credits from 2008 (What Happens in Vegas, Henry Poole is Here), and also appeared in an episode of My Own Worst Enemy and several episodes of the recently cancelled Dirty Sexy Money.

According to her website, Krusiec has been cast in the pilot episode of Arrested Development writer/director Mitchell Hurwitz‘s new project, Happiness Isn’t Everything, which also stars Mary Steenburgen, Richard Dreyfuss, and Jason Biggs.

Lynn Chen ("Vivian") was in Lakeview Terrace in 2008, and has a couple of films coming out in 2009, including Why Am I Doing This? (with I Can’t Think Straight‘s Sheetal Sheth) and White On Rice (with Maile Flanagan‘s 3Way castmate Cathy Shim). She’s currently shooting, The People I’ve Slept With, with Wilson Cruz and…Cathy Shim. Again? Hmm….people lesbians will talk…

Finally, the amazing Joan Chen is in post-production with Tonight at Noon (which started shooting in 2005), starring Ethan Hawke and my personal favorite cast member of Six Feet Under, Lauren Ambrose. Chen recently completed shooting on Mao’s Last Dancer, a drama based on the autobiography of ballet dancer Li Cunxin, which is slated for an October 2009 release.

Joan Chen is also a talented filmmaker in her own right, writing, directing and producing the award-winning film Xiu Xiu, the Sent Down Girl (Tian Yu) in 1998, and directing Autumn in New York in 2000. Since Wu seems to be busy with her Foreign Babies, maybe Chen could take the reigns on that Saving Face sequel that we’d all like to see.

A special thanks goes out to AE reader TruMischief for her invaluable research assistance with the Ask column.

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