Ask (June 17, 2009)

Question: I loved Keri Jo Chapman in It’s in the Water but can’t find much information on her.  What can you tell me about her?  Is she working on anything new?  I also heard a rumor a couple of years ago that a sequel to It’s in the Water might be made…any word on if that’s a possibility?

Austin, TX

Question: I would like to know if there will be a sequel to the movie It’s In The Water. I really enjoyed that movie and I once heard they were making a sequel but now I’m not so sure.

Chicago, IL

Answer: We’ve been asked many times about a sequel to this film, so I tracked down the writer/director, Kelli Herd, and asked her if it’s something we might ever see. She told me, "I have written a sequel to It’s In the Water, but as you know, funding is tight.  I have several projects in development at this time and I’m working toward production in 2010." She promises to let us know as soon as she has a new project in the pre-production stage.

I also asked her about Keri Jo Chapman, as I was having no luck in trying to track her down myself. Herd told me, "Keri Jo Chapman is no longer acting. After It’s In the Water, she married her longtime boyfriend and Houston producer Blake McCrory. She is working on a family with him and they have a 4-year old son. She’s always happy to hear about her fans, but doesn’t participate in the industry today."

I know a lot of women who would be thrilled if Chapman came out of retirement to participate in the sequel if it ever sees the light of day.

Question: So I know it was kinda trashy, but what happened to Gimme Sugar? Will it be back for another series?

― Lauren, England

Answer: We all have our guilty pleasures, and LOGO’s hysteria-fueled reality show about a group of lesbian club girls certainly fits the bill. The new season, also known as Gimme Sugar: Miami, premieres Monday, June 22.

The cast of Gimme Sugar: Miami

This season, Charlene is shipped off to Florida to open a Truck Stop night in Miami. In the teaser clip for the show, she calls it her "dream job" and just hopes that her new friends’ dramas don’t get in the way of making Truck Stop a success.

If the preview is any indication, there is plenty of intrigue, as well as lot of kissing, screaming, crying, swearing, and dirty dancing. Just another day at the office for Charlene!

We won’t be running episodes of Gimme Sugar here on this season, as the series is now geo-blocked to U.S. viewers only, but we will keep you updated on all the juicy developments as they unfold.

A special thanks goes out to AE reader TruMischief for her invaluable research assistance with the Ask column.

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