Ask (July 1, 2009)

Question: Whatever happened to Patricia Velásquez, who played the "Lez Girls" version of Marina in the final season of The L Word? She was stunning.


Answer: Venezuelan model-actress Velásquez is currently in pre-production with the "epic military action saga" The Operative: Red Dawn, due out in 2010. In it, she’ll play a dual lead role as sultry double agent Adriana Lopez.

According to, she’s also playing the title role and producing the film Searching for Ingrid, although there is little information about the film other than it’s "in development" status.

Patricia Velasquez at the 6th Annual
Wayuu Taya Foundation Gala in New York

Perhaps the best thing about Velásquez is that not only is she gorgeous and talented, she’s also a dedicated activist. Velásquez is a UNESCO Artist for Peace, and the president and founder of The Wayuu Taya Foundation, which she created with the goal of improving the life of Latin-American indigenous people and bringing education to the poorest of her country. (The name Wayuu Taya is derived from the Wayuu or Guajiros, a matriarchal society and collection of ethnic groups who speak the Wayunaiki language who inhabit the Guajira region, between Venezuelan and Colombia.)

In May, she was honored by The Women Together Foundation and United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) for her professional success as an actress-model and for her humanitarian work with The Wayuu Taya Foundation.

So watch your back, Angelina, you don’t have a monopoly on "Hot and Humanitarian!"

Question: What happened to Glee? They released the first episode but i don’t know if they released another episode. Are they going to release another one? Or is that episode the series finale? Hehe I miss Jane Lynch.


Answer: Fox was just whetting our appetite with the extended preview of the first episode that aired back in May, as the series isn’t set to make it’s actual debut until September 16, 2009. Glee looks like it will be the show to watch this fall, boasting not only the talents of Jane Lynch, but also Eve (in a couple of episodes) as a choir director from a rival school. Also scheduled to appear in the series this fall are Kristin Chenoweth, Everwood‘s Sarah Drew and out Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson.

If you’re missing Jane Lynch, you can also catch her in episodes of Party Down (which, according to journalist Michael Aussiello, she’s probably now too busy to rejoin now for more episodes). I also recommend watching her in the late great improv comedy series Lovespring International, in which she plays Victoria Ratchford, the director of an "elite Beverly Hills dating service" (located in Tarzana). Lynch’s Ratchford is a bit like Michael Scott (The Office), but with an edge and a smart pantsuit. Try it, you’ll like it.

Question: Do you know who this woman is?

Hugh Grant and …someone

..she seems to be in the news a lot but we can’t figure out who she is and why her table [at parties] is filled with 20-year old models all the time!

― Meg, New York, New York

Answer: Since I don’t typically attend parties in New York, I forwarded your question and the photo along to some of my NYC pals to see if they might be able to identify her. Most of them said, "No idea," though my friend Anna did offer, "James Franco." While that ID would explain the presence of the 20-year old models, I don’t think it’s correct. Another friend speculated that it’s "Voula," a NYC party promoter.

Can any of you identify this apparent fixture in the NYC social scene? If so, let us know in the comment section below. There’s no prize involved, unless you count a vague sense of superiority (which most lesbians seem to really enjoy).

A special thanks goes out to AE reader TruMischief for her invaluable research assistance with the Ask column.

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