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Question: There have been rumors that William Petersen will be appearing in the 200th episode of CSI directed by his friend William Friedkin. Will [former CSI star] Jorja Fox also be appearing with him?

— Carol L.

Question: Has Jorja Fox ever said anything about her sexuality?

— Sandra, Paris, France

Jorja Fox

Answer: While the 200th episode of the CBS crime-procedural will indeed be directed by Oscar-winner William Friedkin (The Exorcist, The French Connection), and executive director Carol Mendelsohn has said that Petersen will make a cameo ("Grissom will come back in an organic way, to visit or be on a case with the people that are his family."), there’s no official word that Fox will be included in the episode. The only stunt-casting I’ve heard about so far will include teen country singer Taylor Swift, who, according to the show’s executive producer, plays "a troubled teenager, the daughter of a couple who run a very seedy Vegas hotel."

If that’s not enticing enough to make you watch the show (though I personally think the mere presence of Marg Helgenberger should be reason enough), the episode will be set in "the exotic world of Mexican wrestling."

As to Fox’s sexual orientation, while there is much speculation about her possible lesbianism on the web (including on the forum) the actress has never made a statement about it one way or another.

Question: Will any of Nicola Griffith’s novels be made into films?

Amy K.

Nicola Griffith

Answer: I wish I could answer your question with an enthusiastic "Yes!" But, alas, I cannot.

I passed your question along to Griffith (Stay, Always) and here’s what she had to say:

Short answer: no. Studios don’t have the guts or smarts to make a movie with a lesbian lead, and independents don’t have the cash.

I’ve had preliminary talks with producers, with a TV network, and with several Big Name screenwriters about three of my novels, but it always comes to nothing. Hollywood doesn’t believe a woman can open a movie. And they’re positively terrified of lesbian characters. I think Aud would make an awesome franchise character–she could kick Bourne and Bond butt–but she’s that frightening beastie, a woman who, to quote a review, has not once said "Yes, sir" to the dominant paradigm. So Aud won’t be appearing at a multiplex anywhere near you (anywhere on the planet) until the studios man up. But, woo, I tell you, whoever takes the plunge will make a mint of money. The world is so very ready to watch a woman, wearing Armani and a Sig Sauer, revel in killing the bad guys and getting the girls.

So it sounds like we won’t be watching Aud seduce Angelina Jolie anytime soon — unless, of course, any of you filthy rich lesbians (paging Ellen DeGeneres!) are willing to pony up the cash.

But Griffith has a few other projects in the works:

I’m working on a massive historical novel set in 7th century Britain, what used to be called The Dark Ages but is now usually referred to as Early Medieval or The Age of Conversion. I’m keeping an occasional blog about it, see for example this post. I’m also, in response to the old-fashioned and short-sighted methods of trade publishing, forming a publishing co-op, Ozymandias. And my partner (novelist and screenwriter Kelley Eskridge) and I have just launched a new business, Humans at Work. She’s the managing partner, I’m the silent beer-providing partner <grin>.

As you would probably guess from her answers, Griffith’s blog, "Ask Nicola," is also a very entertaining read and a great way to pose your own questions to the author. Check it out here.

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