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Question: I heard that they were going to turn [the short film] Gillery’s Little Secret into a feature-length film? Do you know if that’s still happening?

— MS

Answer: I forwarded your question about the short film — which stars Annabeth Gish as a lesbian who returns to her hometown after many years away — to Gillery writer/director Tina Scorzafava and this is what she told me:

A still from Gillery’s Little Secret

It gives energy and great support to know that people are interested in our quest to turn Gillery’s Little Secret into a feature film.
Your question arrived at a funny time. Just this morning, I met with a producer to discuss indie financing and the possibilities of shooting the Gillery feature in North Carolina. I’ve also recently had a television network open up a bit and am looking to make a pitch to them in the next couple of months.

Annabeth Gish is still very much interested in remaining as “Gillery,” so I keep her up to date on our progress and I have a few other titillating choices to fill out the cast.
We’ve gotten great interest from distributors, but the money just hasn’t fallen into place for the shoot and the economy isn’t helping, but we’re not giving up.

Although I have two other short films in the works and a feature of the vampire short In Twilight’s Shadow being shopped around, I absolutely love the Gillery feature project and am very passionate about it getting made.

I hope the audience sticks around because the final script is awesome, it just takes time to get all the elements working together.

She also gave us the scoop on her next project:

Right now, I’m in pre-production on one of my next film projects looking to shoot in early April. It’s the latina lesbian love story Slip Away, written by and starring Michelle C. Bonilla (ER, CSI: Miami), with the sizzling Wilson Cruz (Rent, My So-Called Life), sultry Thea Gill (Queer as Folk) and we’re currently in talks to cast the other lead. The film’s a no-holds-barred visual buffet detailing life, dreams and love along the lines of the sensual Gia meets the edgy Requiem for a Dream.

Michelle Bonilla and Thea Gill

Does this mean we’ll be seeing some sort of chain link fence-interlude between Bonilla and Gill? Maybe I should have asked her that too. Either way, we’ll keep you posted as we get more info on Scorzafava’s upcoming projects.

Question: After all the unsafe sex practiced on The L Word, is it possible that any of them don’t have a STD?

— Jordan, Tampa, FL

Answer: Yes, it’s definitely possible. Since we’ve all
learned that the plotlines and character arcs on the show are not held
to the laws of time, space or reason, we should not assume that
statistics of medical risk would apply to Shane, Jenny, Sounder or
anyone else on the show.

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