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Question: Will there be an American version of Mistresses, or were you just talking about the UK version being brought over [in the article about the cast at the TCA Winter Press Tour]?

Toronto, Canada

Question: Is Jessica still bisexual in the second season of [BBC's] Mistresses?

Marie, Oxford, England

Answer: There is indeed an American version of Mistresses in the works as a pilot for Lifetime, from writer Melissa Carter and Fox 21. Based on the BBC series, it revolves around four thirtysomething college friends (played by Camille Sullivan, Holly Marie Combs, Brooke Burns and Rochelle Aytes) and the younger sister of one of them (Sarah Glendening).

Combs’ character gave up her career to be a stay-at-home mom; Sullivan’s character is a doctor reeling from the death of a patient; Aytes is a bright and spunky soap star; and Burns plays an outspoken and sharp attorney. Glendening is the younger sister.

Holly Marie Combs, left, and Rochelle Aytes

No news about whether any of the characters will have a lesbian affair, but if it happens (and that’s a big "if" so is whether this pilot will ever even get picked up) my money’s on Aytes’s character. It’s an unwritten rule in Hollywood that in an ensemble series in which there is only one lead gay/bi character, and only one lead woman of color, those two shall be the same person.

As for the second question about whether Jessica (Shelley Conn) has another lesbian affair in season two I’ve got the answer to that below. Click here to go to the next page if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Jessica is still bisexual regardless of whether she dates a man or a woman, but in the second season, her primary relationship will definitely be with a man, according to the BBC. Jessica and her new lover Mark are in an open relationship — at least initially — so I wouldn’t rule out Jessica having a fling or two with a woman, but I wouldn’t count on it, either. If you want even more spoilers about where Jessica’s headed, read this spoiler on

And in case anyone’s wondering — no, Anna Torv is not coming back for the second season.She’s got her hands full these days trying to figure out The Pattern.

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