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Question: Has ABC renewed Tamara Braun’s contract for All My Children?


Question: Hi, I am become a huge fan of the Bianca and Reese story on All My Children. I was wondering if Afterellen can try to get an interview with Tamara Braun concerning the Bianca and Reese story. I would love to hear what she has to say.


Answer: There’s good news and bad news for AMC fans.

The good news? Bianca and Reese were actually shown in bed together, talking, snuggling and kissing, for an entire minute last week — a first for daytime TV!

Bianca and Reese on AMC on Jan. 29

Their wedding on Feb. 14 — if it actually happens — will also be a first for daytime TV.

Now the bad news: TV Guide reported on Friday that Eden Riegel is not renewing her four-month contract when it expires later this month, but Tamara Braun is staying around "for awhile." When we contacted ABC about Braun’s contract, they would only say, "we do not comment on talent contracts."

We’re working on an interview with Tamara, but I’m not sure ABC will make her available for interviews right now, since the actress has been outspoken about her commitment to her character being a happy-in-love lesbian, and the AMC writers seem to be … not so committed to that. Read this new blog post from The Linster for more details (and ranting) about the latest developments on AMC.

Question: Where the heck did SMMWT go? Do Sarah and Lori have any plans to start back up again; or has life gotten so chaotic, that they’ve had to drop the vlog completely?

— Amy, Iowa

Answer: Initially Lori and I decided just to take a temporary break from She Made Me Watch This!, but we’ve since had to drop the vlog completely, for pretty much the reason you guessed: life has gotten too chaotic, with only three staff members working on (there used to be four, but with the economy the way it is, we have to run a little leaner) and an unending amount of articles to proof, videos to watch, emails and private messages to reply to, stories to research, blog posts to write, and spammers to ban. (Ah, the glamorous life of a Professional Lesbian!)

Thanks to all of you who tuned in to our vlog while it lasted, and who keep coming back to support the other vloggers — and bloggers and freelance writers — on the site who continue to provide great content and make it possible for Karman, Trish, and me to have at least the hours between 2am and 6am to ourselves. (We love them for that!)

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