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Question: What ever happened to a season three of the The Big Gay Sketch Show? Is it still in the works?

Amanda J.

Question: I am a big fan of Julie Goldman and love all of the videos AfterEllen has posted featuring her. Do you know if there are more videos to come or if she has any upcoming shows or projects?


Answer: New episodes of The Big Gay Sketch Show are definitely headed for a television screen near you in the months ahead. In fact, for season three, the creators are giving fans the opportunity to win a role in an upcoming episode. You can log on to the new BGSS site,, upload video auditions for consideration and vote for their favorite funny person. The deadline for submissions is March 10, 2009, and voters will become eligible to win an R Family Cruise for two on a July 11, 2009 cruise from Seattle to Alaska.

One of my favorite things about BGSS is comedian Julie Goldman.

Julie Goldman

I tracked her down and asked her what she’s working on these days. This is what she told me:

We’re now in pre-production on season three of The Big Gay Sketch Show. I’m also, with the help of Eve Ensler and co-producer Erin Keating, trying to launch a new comedy show called Offensive Women. We did a sold out weekend in New York in December at The Zipper and we’re looking for venues in LA and NY again. We do the monthly small versions going on both coasts at Mbar in LA and The slipper Room in NY. Check out It’s a freaking awesome show and concept that showcases outrageous, balls-out fearless women all, tv, online, etc..and we need funding! (Plug plug wink wink…)

I’ve been developing a movie which we’re hoping will go from the script phase to the production phase soon. It’s the next best lesbian romantic comedy. If I don’t say so myself. I’ll be in Las Vegas on February 14 for two Valentine’s Day comedy shows at Gipsy, sharing the bill with Bridget McManus and Poppy Champlin.

Finally, I’ll be at Dinah Shore (Girlbar) this year on April 2, working with Olivia vacations throughout the year, and just pluggin away at complete and total world domination and being the lesbian P. Diddy. Watch for my clothing line, fragrance, record label, reality show and inspirational poster line.

Should we open the floor for suggestions for Julie’s new mega-wattage stage name? If so, I’m going with J. Giddy.

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