Ask (Feb. 10, 2009)

Question: Love that Liz Feldman is back with This Just Out, but what other work can I catch her in?

— Chelsea, Brownstown, MI

Answer: I passed along your question to Ms. Feldman, and here’s what she told me:

I’ve been hard at work writing a sitcom for a major TV studio… and get this… it has a lesbian lead character! It’s a total dream come true and it’s only at the script stage right now. It will be a while before I know what the future holds. And sure, it’ll take a minor miracle to get it on the air, but you know I’m a positive thinker!

And, my short film My First Time Driving will be making its TV debut on Logo this spring! Not sure of the exact dates, so I’ll keep you posted about that.

Liz Feldman

Photo credit: Elisabeth Caren Photography

For those of you living in Los Angeles, you can catch her doing stand-up comedy here and in the surrounding area.

I’m actually gonna be playing my first casino at the end of March! I’ll be at Pechanga Resort and Casino April 24 and 25. When I’m not on stage there, you’ll find me sitting at a Video Poker machine. Because, last time I went to Pechanga, I hit the jackpot three times. For serious… I’m a ludicrously lucky lady.

You can go to my for details on my upcoming shows. And look out for more brand new episodes of This Just Out every Monday.

This is pretty exciting news. Who would have guessed that Feldman’s comedy stylings could create such loose slots?

Question: Annie On My Mind (1982) by Nancy Garden is my favorite book. Will there ever be a sequel, or even a movie?

Ashley, Salt Lake City, Utah

Answer: Lambda Book Award-winning author Nancy Garden‘s classic lesbian love story was once listed as one of the American Library Association’s Best of the Best for Young Adults list. In fact, many women name it as a book that helped them come to terms with their sexuality and, like you, have been hoping for a film adaptation of the book since its original publication.

I passed your question along to the author herself, and she told me:

There’s been a lot of interest over the years in a movie of Annie on My Mind, and it’s been optioned a few times but never made. The most recent option was very promising, and was renewed several times I even got progress reports occasionally. But the company doing it changed management, and the project was scrapped.

As to a sequel many readers ask me about one, but I’m afraid I have no plans to write one. For one thing, sequels tend to be disappointing to readers, perhaps because readers are often looking to get the same feeling from the new story as they did from the original. I’m afraid that that would be unlikely in a sequel to Annie, perhaps mostly because the sequel couldn’t be a first-time love story.

I do think, though, that Annie and Liza definitely moved in together after college, that Annie is still singing and Liza is hard at work as an architect, and that both their families accept their relationship. I suspect they may have decided to move to Massachusetts or Connecticut to get married and who knows? Perhaps they’re raising a family!

I love her version of how the book might have continued on. We lesbians are in dire need of some happy endings these days!

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