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Question:What can you tell me about the web series Venice that Crystal Chappell (Olivia) from Guiding Light is involved with? It’s not clear to me if she’s acting or producing or both and how much lesbian content it will have.

Peggy, Florida

Crystal Chappell

Answer: Otalia fans are rejoicing at the news of the creation of the new webseries Venice. The show will tentatively reunite Chappell with her GL co-star and love-interest, Jessica Leccia (Natalia). I say "tentatively" because there are still some contractual issues that may need to be resolved in order for Chappell to play the series’s lead Gina (although she’s definitely co-producing it); you can stay up on that as it unfolds in our forum thread about Venice.

Casting so far includes Leccia as photographer "Ani," Hillary B Smith (One Life to Live) as "Guya," and Jordan Clarke (Guiding Light) as Gina’s father.

Chappell has been Tweeting up a storm of late, and dropping lots of hints about what will transpire on Venice. Some of those Tweets have Otalia fans expecting a continuation of the Chappell-Leccia romance set in motion with their characters on Guiding Light.

AE reader HawtBlondeChick recently posted on the AE Venice reader forum an exchange between Chappell and a follower on Twitter. When the follower asked when she could expect to see a kiss (ostensibly between Chappell and Leccia), Chappell replied, "Can u wait 30 seconds into the series?"

The show has its own Twitter account,, and you can keep up with the developing series by following it or Chappell on Twitter, or checking out the series website (which also features clues about the direction of the show).

You can also check back here at in the next month or so, when we’ll tentatively be running an interview with Crystal Chappell about Venice.

Question: I loved the first series of Joni & Susanna when it came on last year. Are there any plans for further series?

― Madeleine,
Edinburgh, Scotland

Susanna Fogel and Joni Lefkowitz

Answer: I tracked down the out co-creator and co-star of the series, Joni Lefkowitz, and she told me:

Unfortunately, there is no season two of Joni & Susanna in the near future, but we’re dying to make more. In the meantime, we’re keeping busy writing a Judd Apatow-style female buddy comedy for New Line starring Leslie Mann and Elizabeth Banks that will hopefully shoot this winter.

A Judd Apatow-style female buddy film? I once would have thought that was an oxymoron, but this sounds encouraging. Sign me up!

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