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Question: I recently watched Itty Bitty Titty Committee again, and again I liked Lauren Mollica’s performance a lot. I know that she used to be a pro skateboarder. What is she doing these days? Do you know if she is planning to do more acting?

Christiane, Bremen, Germany

(Left to right) Carly Pope, Deak Evgenikos, Nicole Vicius,
Melonie Diaz, and Lauren Mollica in
Itty Bitty Titty Committee

Answer: I contacted Lauren Mollica (who played Aggie in IBTC) via her Facebook page and she told me:

I’m not actually an actor so I’m not working on any of those types of projects. I just do my stuff. I’m a skateboarder and like working on cars, and building and making things. I just got back from the Dinah which I thought was hilarious. It made me feel old, but I had tons of fun.

If you want to see her skateboarding moves, you can check her out in the 2004 documentary about female skateboarders, Getting Nowhere Faster. Watch a clip from the film below:

The other stars of IBTC, however, are still making movies. Melonie Diaz (Anna) stars in Identity with Claire Forlani, Pam Grier, Jason Alexander, Elizabeth Peña. Nicole Vicius (Sadie) has several films in post-production, including Leadcatcher, Exquisite Corpse, Sordid Things (with Piper Perabo), and How I Got Lost.

Deak Evgenikos (Meat) recently co-starred with Julie Goldman (The Big Gay Sketch Show) in the short film Happy Birthday, and Carly Pope (Dirt, Popular) completed shooting on Life is Hot in Cracktown (with Ileana Douglas) and is in post-production with her film Stuntmen (with Dominique Swain).

Pope also appeared in multiple episodes of the FOX drama 24 this season as the girlfriend of the President’s son. Here’s a screencap of her first appearance on the show:

Carly Pope in 24

Carly’s character on 24 has the same name as her character on Popular, but sadly, this Samantha is not secretly a lesbian.

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