Are we rolling? The Top 10 broadcast journalism movie women of all time


Gale Weathers – Scream

Is Courtney Cox’s Gale Weathers the best character in the entire Scream franchise? If not, she definitely ranks pretty high. Gale is a tabloid reporter who has a long history with the protagonist of the films, Sidney Prescott, after accusing her of lying about her mother’s death. Throughout the horror series, she manages to both report on the murders while also saving others and avoiding being killed herself. Multitasking is very important for a career in broadcast journalism. Also, who could forget Parker Posey playing an actress playing Gale in Scream 3. “What are you doing?? BEING GALE WEATHERS” and “My agent liked that” are lines that anyone can easily, and should, work into every day conversation. We’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens to Gale in Scream 4.

Diana Christensen - Network

The 1976 film Network is a biting satire of network news, and its never-ending quest for higher ratings. When news anchor Howard Beale has a breakdown on air, the television channel’s executives decide to keep him in front of the camera and the station’s ratings soar. One of the executives who make this decision is Diana Christensen played by Faye Dunaway. The only thing more cutthroat then Faye Dunaway in this movie, are Faye Dunaway’s blouses in this movie. This is a Programming Executive who knows how to fit some 1970s tailoring into her busy decision-making news days, ok? Dunaway won an Academy Award for her performance in this film, and you definitely don’t want to miss it. “Is that clear?”

Amber Atkins – Drop Dead Gorgeous

One of the funniest movies of the last 20 years, Drop Dead Gorgeous is about a beauty pageant in the small town of Mount Rose, Minnesota, and the lengths that one of the contestants’ mother (played by Kirstie Alley) and her daughter will go to win. The innocent counterpoint to their ruthlessness is Amber Atkins, a beautician at the local funeral home who just wants to follow the example of her role model, Diane Sawyer. Through a series of events, Amber is able finally land a job on a local Minneapolis-St. Paul television station, and the loveable Kirsten Dunst gets the happy ending she deserves. You betcha.

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