January 11, 2007
January 10, 2007
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Are you the next Sarah Waters?

Social networking site Gather.com has just announced an American Idol-like competition for authors, according to the New York Times. In…
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Sing a song of sin

Erin McKeown's latest offering, Sing You Sinners, hits stores this week. It's her fifth album and she also produced it.…
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Shepherd speaks

Cybill Shepherd did a brief interview on Today this morning. She talked about her character Phyllis on The L Word;…
January 9, 2007
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A Heroes primer

Netflix is offering an exclusive season-to-date recap of the hit NBC drama Heroes, in case you've been wondering what all…
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Chosen people

The 33rd Annual People's Choice awards aired Tuesday night. For me, the highlight was Ellen DeGeneres smooching Portia de Rossi…