February 4, 2007
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Ladies in red

New York's Fashion Week isn't the place you'd expect to see healthy representations of the female form. Or models having…
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Let’s get Lost again

Lost returns this Wednesday. Rather than confound ourselves with the many mysteries and conundrums (conundra?) of the island, let's just…
February 2, 2007
February 1, 2007
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Hasbians everywhere

It's a hot, or at least warm, topic these days: women who used to be lesbians but now date men.…
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Tammy hearts Isaiah

Tammy Lynn Michaels thinks Isaiah Washington is ultimately a good guy. Michaels says she doesn't believe the word "faggot" exists…
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Waiting to impale

Apparently that's what Terry McMillan has been doing — from the time she found out that her (now ex-)husband is…
January 31, 2007