February 20, 2007
February 19, 2007
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She had a dream

[ifilm]2823714[/ifilm] When I saw Meredith Vieira on The Daily Show last Thursday, I thought her rambling recount of an unusual…
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(Not a) Saint Anne

Anne Hathaway wants everyone to know she's no saint. "You know, Lindsay [Lohan] and I have a lot more in…
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A lesson from Effie

I haven't seen One Night Only on BET yet, but I might tune in Tuesday night, because Jennifer Hudson will…
February 18, 2007
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Quizzical Carrie

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly (on stands Wednesday) includes a peek into Carrie Fisher's fascinating psyche. She takes the…
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From Terabithia to Oz

Zooey Deschanel is currently gracing movie screens in Bridge to Terabithia (haven't seen it, but I loved the book when…
February 15, 2007
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Puddin’ Head

Scarlett Johansson picked up her Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year Award yesterday. She was, as expected, a thing of…
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Barrino on the boards

Fantasia Barrino (or just Fantasia, if you're nasty) may join the cast of The Color Purple on Broadway. She'd play…
February 14, 2007
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No more waiting for Goya

The Milos Forman film Goya's Ghosts, which is about, um, Francisco Goya, finally has a North American distributor. It screened…