March 2, 2007
March 1, 2007
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Ode on a Grecian Lena

If you're a fan of Lena Headey and/or Frank Miller, check out all the 300 stuff on 300 opens…
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President Roslin speaks

Here's a quick but intriguing Q&A with Mary McDonnell, who plays President Laura Roslin on Battlestar Galactica (which you should…
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Funny girls on ice

Blades of Glory hits theaters March 30. This goofy Will Ferrell comedy (sorry, "goofy" was redundant there) tells a rather…
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Anne gets smart

Since she has already gone wild, it's time for Anne Hathaway to get smart. The actress has signed on to…
February 28, 2007
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WACKy art

This weekend, an exhibition called WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art (or MOCA,…
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Izzie’s in; Addison angers

Yesterday several Web sites reported that Katherine Heigl had broken off contract negotiations and would be leaving Grey's Anatomy. But,…
February 27, 2007
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“Top Model” returns

Tonight is the two-hour premiere of Cycle 8 of America's Next Top Model, aka the Gayest Show on Television. Here's…
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Moaning Christina

Black Snake Moan, starring Christina Ricci, Samuel L. Jackson and lesbian favorite Justin Timberlake, hits theaters this Friday. I haven't…
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A Dame meets her Queen

Oscar winner Helen Mirren has been impressing audiences with her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, but she may soon have…