And the winner of’s March Madness: Ultimate Lesbian Kissing Championship is …

Naomi and Emily, Skins!

Naomi and Emily’s battle to the championship was symbolic of their relationship on Skins: Despite all the odds, they were the last couple standing. First they took down Paige and Alex from Degrassi: The Next Generation before knocking out past Bianca and Lena, the first lesbians to kiss on daytime TV. Then they beat Michelle Williams and Chloe Sevigny‘s super sexy snog from If These Walls Could Talk 2. By the time they made it to the Elite Eight, Naomi and Emily were engaged in crazy close competitions with some of readers’ all-time favorite couples. They slid past The L Word supercouple Tina and Bette by one percentage point, then did the same to Glee‘s power couple Brittany and Santana. Finally, they bested Grey’s Anatomy‘s Callie and Arizona by only a handful of votes to become’s Ultimate Lesbian Kissing Champions!

But let us not forget Callie and Arizona, whose fight to the championship was symbolic of their relationship, too: While the couples in the other brackets fought their showy, highly publicized battles, Callie and Arizona slowly picked off the obstacles in their path, one-by-one, before triumphing as one of the most stable couple in the competition. First they took down Alice and Tasha, one of the only couples that was left standing at the end of The L Word. Then they took down the young Brits Kim and Sugar from Sugar Rush. After that, they knocked out two of The L Word‘s most celebrated couples: The insanely sexy Carmen and Shane, and the heart string-tugging Alice and Dana. To make it to the championship, they fought off the most celebrated lesbian couple in the history of rom-coms, Rachel and Luce from Imagine Me & You. They finally fell to Naomily in a battle that changed hands more times than I can count.

High fives to all the Naomily and Calzona fans who fought so hard for their favorite couples. And thank you to all of our readers for making this one of the best competitions we’ve ever had.

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