And the Oscar Goes to …

Kristanna Loken

Out bisexual actor Kristanna Loken, who played Shane’s girlfriend Paige in Season 4 of The L Word, produced and co-stars in Lime Salted Love, a film with a lesbian subplot that will premiere March 1 at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

Favorite Recent Film: "I just watched Brokeback Mountain again last night, and I’d say that was the film that has affected me the most. It transcended gender and same-sex relationships, and was just such a moving, tragic love story."

Role I Would’ve Killed For: "I’d have to go back a few years to Charlize Theron’s role in Monster. I like tortured, dark characters, and that was an amazing role that totally changed her career."

Favorite Scene I’ve Been In: "Danielle Agnello and I are in a heartbreaking scene in Lime Salted Love that we call the ‘Red Room Scene.’ It’s so surreal and eerie, and it almost reads like a poem, as we reveal the depth of our connection and our past traumas. It’s definitely one for fans to keep an eye out for."

Jessica Graham

Jessica Graham recently filmed And Then Came Lola, a movie from Fast Girl Films that also
features Cathy DeBuono and Jill Bennett. She has three other projects in the
works: the second installment of 2 Minutes
; a movie called Everything Is Going To Be Just Fine; and
Tremble and Spark, a lesbian noir
trilogy written and directed by Kelly Burkhardt.

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis in There
Will Be Blood

Best Actress: "Cate Blanchett in anything she ever does, so
this year in I’m Not There and Elizabeth: The Golden Age."

Favorite 2007 Film Character: "Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh
in No Country for Old Men. That
character was so evil in such a calm and collected way, he actually made my
skin go cold."

Best 2007 Scene: "The scene in There Will Be Blood where Daniel Day-Lewis’ character is talking to
his brother about his resentments and his disgust of ‘these people’ slays me.
It’s all in his eyes and the few words that he says. It’s also one of those
scenes where I’m the only one in the audience laughing. Not sure what that says
about me."

Role I Would’ve Killed For: "I would have loved to play the
role of Jenna, which Keri Russell played in Waitress.
The character was a wonderful showcase of comedy and drama. Plus I love pie."

Most Overlooked 2007 Films: "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and Rescue Dawn. Amazing performances,
beautiful cinematography, excellent writing."

Best Naked Knife Fight: "Eastern
I actually had to cover my mouth to keep from yelling, ‘That was
awesome!’ to the whole theater!"

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