And the cutest couple of 2011 is …


3) Callie and Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy

OOFFX says:

Calzona for the win! They are definitely the most amazing TV couple I have ever seen. Even after everything that happened, they managed to get through all of it. They love each other no matter what. Calzona was absolutely meant to be from the very beginning. And let’s not forget that Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw are amazing actresses. So yeah, Calzona. Definitely.

GirlAnachronism says:

On pure adorableness: Callie and Arizona. I mean, dimples and smiles and baby to boot? Winning.

2) Brittany and Santana, Glee

Megs said:

Brittana. Forever.

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is a REAL Brittana kiss. Pretty please?
All my love,

Erin says:

One quote sums up why is has to be Santana and Brittany: “Look, can you stop staring at me, I can’t remember my locker combo.”

BiRobot says:

I’ve gotta choose between Calzona and Brittana? AfterEllen, why you do me that way?

1) Isabel and Cristina, Tierra de Lobos

Kate says:

If it were hottest couple, most epic couple or most romantic couple then Cristina and Isabel from Tierra de Lobos would be the choice, hands down. They are both incredibly beautiful and so sexy together, but they are constantly dashing in to one another’s rescue and surviving epic amounts of well-lit, scenic drama. Two girls in love who save each other’s lives all the time whilst making me swoon. Honestly, the season finale is in a few days and right now I rank it as the greatest lesbian love story I’ve ever seen.

Cristiane S says:

For God’s sake, Cristina and Isabel is the hottest couple ever!!

GATA says:

I was going throught the list and i was thinking, “Man, this is going to be hard!” I saw Emily and Maya and kept scrolling down, then saw Lauren and Bo and I was already making my pick, but then saw Cristina and Isabel and I was like, “BINGO! BINGO! BINGO!”

Congratulations, Crisabel fans! 

What do you think of the Cutest Couple poll results?

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