An interview with Tucky Williams

AE: What is your hope for the series?
Getting funding would be a good start. We’d love to get picked up by a cable network or website.

Mostly we want to feel like we’re making a difference. I’m getting emails from women all over the world telling me they love the show and that they can identify with the characters. That’s thrilling.

Then I get the messages from teenage girls who say they’re in the closet and afraid. They say the show has made them feel like they’re not so alone anymore. That kills me. Having a direct effect on someone’s life like that. That’s all the fulfillment I need.

AE: Is there anything else you’d want people to know about yourself, the series?
I’m working with the greatest group of actors: Kate Moody (Zoë), the heart and soul of the series; Katie Stewart (Maxine), the ultimate femme fatale; Joe Elswick (Jessie), who shows the strength and courage it takes to be a gay teenager; Jack Cofer (Elliott), who’s freely giving away so much of himself; and Cyndy Allen (Susan), who already is the actor I someday hope to be. My writing would be nothing more than words on a page were it not for their amazing performances.

And as for me, I’m not Evan! I love her — there’s lots of me in her — but I really am playing a character. I don’t drink, ever. I’ve never smoked weed or done any kind of street drug in my life. I don’t speak in her voice. I don’t sleep around, not that there’s anything wrong with that. And I don’t make bad decisions. Except for when it comes to women.

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