An interview with Tegan Quin


On Justin Bieber and his lesbian-style stealing:

TQ: I have no comment really specifically about that because I don’t want to be quoted as saying he’s emulating our style, but I have a lot of friends he reminds me of. I haven’t listened to his record, so when I say I love him, I mean I just think he’s so funny. I have to give full credit to Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately for when she did that interview with him and I watched it like seven times in a row. It just killed me. That’s when I decided we should change our name to Bieber and Sara. I think it’s very fascinating.

On their style evolution:

TQ: Sara and I are still only dressing ourselves. Sara and I’s style has evolved over the last 10 years, but so has the world’s. We’re dressing very similarly to anyone else in our demographic and age group. I don’t look at our audience and think they’re all dressing like me. We’re all dressing like each other. We’re being influenced by the same bands and same artists and designers. I’m shopping at H&M just like most people.

I think Sara’s style is a little bit different. In Montreal, it’s definitely a little more European, liek they have skinny pants and straight sweaters and pointy boots long before they hit the west coast. They’re a little more progressive so Sara, sometimes, is wearing some stuff that I’m like “Really?” and six months later it’ll be cool. She also spends half the year in New York so she’s definitely dressing in a more sense of progressive stuff than what’s happening for me on the west coast — but I have a shopping addiction and I can’t go shopping or I will spend all my money and broke. So I will literally go to Target for cleaning supplies and come home with two shirts from the clothing section. I will never wear them again but I needed to buy them!

On the oddest place she’s gotten songwriting inspiration from:

TQ: There’s definitely been times where not necessarily my relationship has been the song, initially at least — especially for Sainthood. I was just amazed at how everyone around me, whether they were getting into a relationship of out of one, everyone was just so like, constantly obsessed with their own relationship. Like, “This is so special and so important! Nobody can understand that my love is so much cooler and bigger and better and more intense.” Everybody thinks that. We all share this commonality.

When I was writing these songs, I was in a new relationship and it was with someone I’d been obsessed with for year so I was over the “my love is the most important and more special than everybody’s” so I really tried to go back there because that’s what brings us all together. It’s the most organic feeling we have. It’s the one time we’re having an experience that we think nobody can understand.

On who she is looking forward to seeing at Lilith Fair:

TQ: The whole thing really. … Cat Power is playing, Kelly Clarkson, Eryka Badu — it’s just going to be such a cool festival. Lot’s of really cool artists to see for sure.

On what’s next for Tegan and Sara:

TQ: After we finish the Paramore tour this summer, our goal in the fall is a trip to India and South America and also Mexico, and then hitting major markets in America and Canada for a second time. Definitely more touring in the fall and winter and wrap up by next December to start working on the new record.

Tegan and Sara’s “Alligator Remix LP” is available now.

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