An interview with Tami Hart


AE: So what are your live shows as Making Friendz like now?

TH: It’s been an interesting transition. It’s really fun more like B-52s like back up singers and live keyboards and guitars it will be a whole different experience.

AE: I picture a lot of hand claps.

TH: Definitely hand clapping.

AE: Nice, I like it. It’s funny that you talk about your influences because the ones you have listed on your MySpace page both cracked me up and made perfect sense when listening to your music. Honestly, you could be my long lost sister.

TH: Aww, nice.

AE: I bet you’re good at Trivial Pursuit: Pop Culture Edition.

TH: Wow, that’s a good call, I actually am.

AE: What’s it like to be a queer musician on the road?

TH: For being in MEN it’s really fun especially in towns where they don’t get a lot of queer musicians and they are so excited to see you. Like, we did a show in El Paso and that was my favorite show because everyone there was just so excited and happy and just so lovely. They need that — because that is how I felt when I was in South Carolina. Making Friends just played a show in Arcadia, California and that was my favorite show for the same reason, because everyone was just so happy to have a queer band to come to town, so like everyone was there.

AE: Yeah, it’s amazing like when you think back to your own experiences and you’re someone in the audience and you see someone on stage that can speak to you and express how you feel being queer — it has such a huge impact on you as part of the audience. I can’t imagine what it must feel like being on stage and then having people really looking up to you.

TH: That’s really what I live for. For me, there is this band called Light Asylum. You should totally check them out they are a queer two piece, also a boy and a girl. I literally had that feeling while seeing them that I had when I was a kid, that this band was saving my life.

AE: Oh, wow.

And I feel that it what music should really do. Especially for the young kids in the small towns.

AE: When did you come out?

TH: I was still in high school. I had a really hard time with it. I knew I was gay probably at the age of seven and I had a crush on this girl and I remember telling a friend that “I love her.” And he was like, “You’re gay” and I was like “No, I’m not!” not knowing —

AE: Yeah and then BOOM!

TH: And my family is super religious, Baptist and super homophobic. So I developed this really intense sense of denial and my sister kissed a girl before I did and I was furious. But I still was not willing to accept the fact that I was gay even though it was getting harder and harder to hide it. I was kind of a bully in high school and super mean to the out kids, but by sophomore year I apologized to those kids and they became my friends and I was like, “OK, I’m gay.” It was a rough transition. I’m glad that it happened the way it happened and I came out so young. I see people that are coming out at 30 and I can’t even imagine how hard that must be.

AE: Yeah, I just talked to a woman who is 40 and she just came out and she talked about how she’s still a virgin. I’m happy that she’s able to be herself.

TH: That’s interesting to hear too because it makes me think about how fluid sexuality is.

AE: I had a similar experience to you because I knew from a very early age that I was gay, like there was no doubt in my mind and I went through some hiding but just it just blows my mind that for some people it’s just something they don’t think about.

TH: Or just can’t think about, like they develop walls to deny that part. The brain is just an interesting thing. [Laughs]

AE: It sure is. It’s never been able to block that out for me but I don’t remember a lot of my childhood so maybe that’s where it traded up.

TH: [Laughs]

AE: So what’s up for the future of Making Friends? Do you know when the album will be dropping?

TH: Yeah, the album is going to drop on June 21st. The first single is already out now and is called “Situation” and we’re talking about what the next single will be. I’m playing at the Willie May Rock Camp for Girls, which is really cool and I’m excited to help raise money for them and then off to play some shows with MEN this summer and doing some record release shows and hopefully planning a tour.

Be on the lookout for the Making Friendz album June 21. For now, enjoy these digital downloads of the original version of their single “Situation” and the freshly remixed version by Teen Wolf.

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