An interview with Sasha Mallory


AE: You and tWitch had such a great connection. Would you call him your dance soul mate?

[laughs] Not really. I can dance like that with anyone but he’s an awesome person and I can text him and call for anything. We really got to be really good friends but I wouldn’t say he was a soul mate. He’s such an open, honest person and I feel like it’s really easy to connect with someone that’s so good and can act also. It’s all about selling the story and it’s clear that we sold the story!

AE: If you could pick one of the girls from the show to do a racy, sexy number, who would you pick?

[laughs] That’s awesome! Probably Missy or Jordan or, you know what? They’re all really sexy so why not make it a sexy group dance! I’m so down with that!

AE: What can you tell me about the tour? Is it basically the numbers we saw on the show this past season or some new numbers, too?

Yeah, there are a lot of favorites from the show that you probably saw in the finale. I’m not going to say exactly what because I’m not sure I’m allowed to but it’s really, really, really intricate. It starts out strong and it ends strong. We have a some brand new dances that we’re learning and I’m learning one now that is really cool. We also have a totally new piece ending the show and it’s really exciting. It’s really cool.

AE: We all came to love your sister Natalia during the audition part of SYTYCD. Was she also dancing along the way, too?

She actually started younger than I did because she’s always been there just doing the dances and I always used to teach her at home but, yeah, she’s always been dancing ever since she was born! Natalia and I have always been dancing.

AE: Even though she didn’t make the cut this season (she had an injury that cut into the audition process) will she audition next year?

Yeah, she’s actually training right now. She bought a spin bike and is on that everyday to pump up her stamina and she’s going to be taking more classes. She teaches a lot and she wants to get herself more into shape so she can be more of a dancer than a choreographer and teacher but she really wants to try out next season.

AE: Do you have a favorite junk food?

French fries and chocolate shake!

AE: Do you have a favorite TV show?

I don’t have a lot of time right now but when I do my favorite show was Grey’s Anatomy! I could not miss an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

AE: Who is your celebrity crush?

I really had a crush on Hayley Williams for awhile. She’s pretty hot! And who else? Rihanna is hot, too, obviously!

AE: Do you have a significant other right now or are you single?

There was but it’s kind of not happening anymore but I am speaking to someone right now so I’m not really single but — [laughs] I’m not throwing myself to anyone, I don’t think. Yeah, I’m pretty much on the taken route, I think. It’s kinda still in the talking stage but I don’t want to throw myself out to anyone else because I really like this person.

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