An interview with Ruby Rose


Whoever would tell Ruby that she’s not doing “work” clearly doesn’t know her very well. Quite possibly the busiest woman in show business, Ruby may have just moved to the States, but she’s soon headed back to Australia to do a tour that includes dates with the The Veronicas and Jessie J and she’s also working on an album as well as collaborating with Missy Higgins and continuing her stint as the face of Maybelline Australia and acting. The short film she was part of, Old New Shoes, recently premiered at Tropfest in Australia (which she likens to Sundance) and Ruby convincingly plays “a kind of sociopath girlfriend, which is probably not acting and is probably me in real life,” she joked. Acting is something Ruby is interested in, but she said she’s more focused on music in the near future.

“Spreading myself thin like I always do!” Ruby said.

One of the reasons people are fascinated with Ruby, besides her talents in all areas of the entertainment industry, is her unabashed take on being herself. Coming from a country where LGBT equality is a constant struggle, Ruby said there weren’t any role models for her growing up until Portia de Rossi came out.

“For a while there weren’t even that many out males,” Ruby said. “[For that reason] I think [my being a lesbian] was sensationalized a lot. [The press] were very supportive in the beginning of it all so it comes with the business. And now that a lot of different actors and singers have come out as saying they are bisexual or gay and you’ve got television programs that are based on gay relationships — it’s not something new and shiny [anymore] so I don’t think people will grab onto it so much automatically.”

And since Ruby is not yet as well known in the States as she is back home, she said “it’s sort of a relief” that the tabloids won’t take interest in her. At least not yet. But we do take interest in Australian performers Stateside, including comedian/actress Magda Szubanski, who came out as a lesbian earlier this month. Ruby says she knows Magda well, and remembers talking with her about when she’d tell the public about her sexuality.

“I remember being outside of my house, in her car, talking about if she should come out and when she’ll come out, talking through it,” Ruby said. “I have so much respect for her as a human. I cried when I watched the interview [Magda came out during]. I bawled my eyes out. I love her and I was so proud of everyone praising her and celebrating it. I hope they can keep on this path and not making it about ‘Magda’s a lesbian,’ you know, in all the articles that come out from now on.”

If anyone knows how annoying that is, it’s Ruby Rose.

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