An interview with Ruby Rose

Ruby has had some relationships with high-profile women, which has only heightened the paparazzi interest in her and her sexuality. Her serious relationship with model Catherine McNeil was followed closely by the press, who took photos of them while they were out and quoted anonymous sources about their engagement and subsequent break-up.

“The thing with Catherine and I was we really never came out and confirmed it,” Ruby said. “We were dating for a year and a half and I was in L.A. DJing, here actually, and there was Australian media here and they asked me and her something and I said, ‘Yeah I’m lucky to be dating the sexiest woman in the room.’ I think that’s pretty much the only thing. Obviously we both had engagement rings. … Obviously we had the engagement rings and everyone kind of knew. We were living together and it would have been hard to say ‘We’re not together’ when we clearly are. And actually we’d love to just be like ‘Yeah, we are and we have a house,’ but there was so much going on at the time, and managers and this and that, doing different things and it was hard. “

And there was a rumored announcement on Ruby’s Facebook page that eventually made it public as well. But the traveling both women do as part of their careers took its toll.

“We’ve known each other for seven years. We met when I was 15 and then we got together when I was 19 or 20 and we had a good two and a half years,” Ruby said. “But what people forget about Catherine and I is we’ve known each other for three years before we were together. I’ve known her for, like, my entire life.”

Ruby and Catherine met when they were competitors in a Girlfriend Model search in 2002. Catherine won the competition and Ruby took home second, but they maintained a friendship and on-and-off again relationship thereafter.

“I was actually going to get together with her last week when I was in New York but I just got busy with Fashion Week. We’re friends,” Ruby said. “It does suck. When we were happy, we were the happiest we could possibly be. And like nothing will ever take that away, truly. And like any other relationship, we wanted different things and we were long-distance for a long time, and not only normal long-distance but her being in a different country every week because she doesn’t stay in New York. She’d be in a different country, she’d never stay in New York. She’d be in London and Europe and then Asia and we couldn’t even get our minds wrapped around the time zones. It was really hard. We both love each other and she needed to and I needed to move on. We might never have another relationship-kind of thing, but we’ll always be in each others lives.”

Traveling is what makes it hard for Ruby to date anyone, much less someone who has a full schedule of her own.

“It’s been pretty difficult so I’ve been single for about eight months,” Ruby said. “But I did have a nice Valentine’s Day, which was kind of cute. Even though I’ve been anti-Valentine’s Day my entire life.”

Ruby said that she doesn’t find that she has a specific type, and she’s dated both women who work inside the entertainment industry and those who don’t.

“My big thing with women is I love girls with a sense of humor. I just think that anyone with a sense of humor is by far more attractive than any other kind of person out there,” Ruby said. “I guess that’s kind of been my one common denominator with the girls that I’ve really liked — that kind of laid back, self-deprecating humor. If you look at people I’ve had close relationships with, there is no really other common element that they have in common at all, it’s kind of strange. I think I just like people that are passionate and people that dedicated to wanting to always learn more and always be more and succeed in whatever they’ve chosen to do with their job or their career or their life. Aside from that, I don’t really mind.”

But when someone is as passionate about their career as Ruby is, that’s when the schedule conflict happens.

“The few times I’ve been with someone, they’ve kind of come around with me for as long as they want and then I’ve been with them where they have to be. You can make long-distance relationships work,” she said. “They’re hard, but I don’t think they’re not impossible.”

Besides Catherine, Ruby has been linked to the likes of Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas, but she said dating inside the industry can make things more difficult because it’s actually a smaller world than some might think.

“Dating someone in this industry, that’s a make up artist or a stylist or any kind of level of understanding they have of the industry can be great. They understand the hours and the stresses and the kind of things you complain about to someone that doesn’t understand would say ‘Really? You’re going to complain about that when you have so many other fantastic things you get to do in this industry?’ you know?” Ruby said. “It is kind of nice to have someone who understands. But, at the same time, it’s a smaller industry than some people think and if you’re dating someone in the industry and it doesn’t work very well, it can get awkward. It’s kind of like mixing business with pleasure. You have to be pretty dedicated to it. And I kind of — I like when I’ve dated a writer, I liked that because it was so far removed from what I did that everyday it was so nice to learn what somebody else is doing and sort of incorporate it into what you’re doing and work harmoniously. So sometimes it’s nice to date someone who has nothing to do with the industry and thinks it’s a load of bollocks and you can be coming home and going, ‘It was terrible at work today’ and they’re ‘Boo, you’re on TV. That’s not even work.’”

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