An interview with Lovers

AE: That’s hilarious. Going to Catholic school and feeling like the only lesbian growing up, was Jill Jones introducing you to this music like your first outlet or was it something that you were interested in before that?

No, my first musical outlet was Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls. That was a spiritual experience. That was the floatation device throughout high school.

It wasn’t that cool. I was in high school but I just really wanted to go to the 30s punk shows because for me that was what made sense. The queer scene in Portland made a lot of sense to me. The Indigo Girls and their music were like going to church but I also wanted to go out, you know?

AE: I totally understand. Like every lesbian when they are just coming out they are like, “OK, where can I go to see more lesbians? I should go to an Indigo Girls concert or Lilith Fair.” It’s not even necessarily that you are into that music it’s just that you want to be around people that are like you which makes it interesting.

Yeah, totally. The whole scene of girls in short pants and a tank top and a snow hat all year round I was like, “Oh my god, take me with you. Anywhere, I don’t care, I don’t care.” I’ll just water ski on your wallet chain wherever your boat is taking you.

AE: We were just getting into the formation of your band and that near fatal van explosion. I haven’t found information anywhere online of what exactly happened.

This is Cubby speaking. That was just my first tour ever and we were just really young and foolish and we bought, the bandmates at the time, we had this really old RV and it just totally broke on the freeway and it had this propane tank that just totally exploded. It caught on fire and we lost everything.

AE: Oh, wow.

But we just kept going. We were nuts — we were 21 and we got dropped off by the police at some roadside café and we took a cab in Roanoke, Virginia and we rented a mini van. We just jumped in the mini van and kept driving. The next day we were like, “I guess we’ll get some instruments.” It was pretty gnarly but it was something I did when I was 21. [Laughs]

AE: Wow, that’s one hell of a rite of passage.

Yeah, tell me about it!

EK: This is Emily and I’m in charge of reigning it in for interviews. [Laughs] My band The Haggle played a show at The Eagle in San Francisco. And Kerby was our roadie and they asked at the show if it was OK that this band Lovers jumped on the bill because they were having a rough time and I was like, “Yeah, that’s fine.” So I guess that’s how we first met, although I don’t remember meeting Carolyn at the time. I guess I bought a CD from her of Lovers to send to my girlfriend at the time. We didn’t form a bond at that point — that was 2002. And in 2006, Carolyn was on tour with my girlfriend at the time, who was Mirah, and that was when I got reacquainted with her.

AE: Wait, Mirah?


AE: That’s weird; she’s the last musician I interviewed.

She just put out a record.

AE: Yeah, it’s great.

It’s a small gay world.

AE: Yeah, very. So that’s how you met and got reconnected again?

Emily reached out a little bit to me and we sort of became fast friends.

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