An interview with “Lost Girl” star Zoie Palmer

AE: Speaking of your support system there, does your wardrobe department have a stealthy leather fetish because you guys wear a seemingly endless supply of fabulous leather goods.
ZP: I know, you are right. There seems to be a lot of leather. There are a couple of pieces that if ever the show finishes I might request.

AE: What else can people expect from the second half of the season? What other things on the horizon for Lauren and Bo, Lauren and Nadia?
ZP: The larger picture, there’s the idea that something is coming and that there is a threat to us all. We start to sort of delve into that a little more toward the end of season two. And because we’ve been introduced to new characters, Nadia and Ciara, we kind of delve into that a little bit too.


AE: So for you, what else is on the horizon? Are you doing anything during the hiatus?
ZP: Our hiatus will only be a couple of months, so I don’t know. Might not be a bad idea to do a little traveling, to go to somewhere, maybe Thailand. Where should I go?

AE: Some nice,  warm, sunny destination sounds good.
ZP: Where are you, are you in the states?

AE: I’m in California.
ZP: Yeah, maybe I should go there, that’s warm right?

AE: Yes, definitely warmer than Canada. No snow or ice.
ZP: I was in L.A. a couple of years ago and loved it.

AE: Or you could spend the rest of your hiatus dressing up you cat. I saw that picture you tweeted out.
ZP: Oh my God. [Laughs] I actually haven’t stopped laughing about that picture. I literally put this little sort of wool coat on her and she fell over, rolled onto her back and stayed there. She was just like, “I am out. If you’re going to do that to me, I’m done.” She totally surrendered. She’s like, “You’ve stripped me on all dignity.”

AE: That has just only further endeared you to the lesbian population, dressing up your cat in a plaid jacket. So there you go.
ZP: Aw, because I dressed up my cat. I put the same one on my little dog, but she wouldn’t let me take a picture of her. She did the opposite. She just ran off. I’m just running around finding random animals to put this coat on because apparently that’s what I do on my spare time. Just any kind of animal that will stay still long enough for me to shove them into this little blue coat.

AE: Well and with that, anything else you want to say to your fans on
ZP: I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has watched the show and been so supportive of the show and the character Lauren. I feel so grateful and lucky and honored to be able to play the character. I’m so thankful that they tune in every week and how committed they are. Because it does mean a lot of us all.

AE: Well, get ready for your barrage of even more marriage proposals after Jan. 16.
ZP: Oh God, I need to send a few your way.

Lost Girl returns on Showcase in Canada to begin the second half of season two on Jan. 22 It will begin airing its first season on SyFy in the U.S. on Jan. 16. Read the Lost Girl SnapCaps weekly on

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