An interview with “Lost Girl” star Zoie Palmer

AE: Obviously, you already mentioned it, but you have great chemistry with Anna Silk. Was that chemistry immediate? How do you enjoy working with her?
ZP: Anna and I knew each other — not really well, but being in television the community can be small so we’d kind of crossed paths over the years, but had never worked together. I can’t say enough about her. She’s such a good person, she is such a fantastic actress and she brings it 1,000 percent every day and that’s saying a lot because she is there every day and is she is in pretty much every scene and having to do some really amazing stuff. And she somehow manages to do it with grace and with a smile on her face and with all kinds of humility. She is a really humble person. And we just laugh a ton. We are constantly laughing though our scenes, Anna and I, and I feel like we have to get it together a lot of the time to make it through the serious scenes. She has such a great sense of humor.

AE: Our fans are clearly pulling for more of Anna and you together and more Doccubus, do they have reason to hope in the rest of the season? Is there more to come with Bo and Lauren?
ZP: Yeah, I would say the story is not over. We aren’t done yet. There is more to discover with respect to Bo and Lauren. I mean, I think there is reason to be optimistic to some degree. It is a show and I think we’re going to go through all kinds of things. I think the fans will be elated and I think the fans will be devastated and I think the fans will run through the gamut of emotions. I love the ups and downs of it.

AE: Speaking of the seasons and the longer arcs, how do you think the show has evolved from its first to second season? How has having almost double the episodes changed the storytelling and the dynamics?
ZP: When we started shooting season two we were only supposed to have 13 episodes and the last nine came somewhere in the middle of that. So the writers had to very quickly come up with a longer arc which is a complicated thing to do when you build an arc around 13 episodes and on a dime have to change it to be 22. I think they’ve done an exceptional job at it considering the time restraints they were under. It has evolved in all kinds of ways. We’ve learned so much more about them. Lauren was such a mystery in season one, so many questions about who she was and whether she was good or bad and what her intentions were with the Fae, with humans, with Bo. I think we’re starting to see her a little more fully and have a little more empathy with the situation they are in. The same with all of them. The biggest evolution with the show is learning about who these people are. They all have good intentions despite the fact that they make huge, huge mistakes within those intentions sometimes.

AE: Some fans have complained a little that the show seems less overtly sexy this season. Some say that might a response to being picked up by SyFy in the states. Do you feel there has been a toning down of the show at all?
ZP: I’ve heard that come up a couple of times and I don’t know. I’m not sure when they knew we were picked up by SyFy at that point. So I’m not sure it has anything to do with the US at all. I mean, there are so many reasons why an episode would be tamed down or not, there are a million reasons. Being in the position I am in as an actor, I have no way of explaining them all. No one comes to me and explains those types of things.

AE: Speaking of SyFy, how excited are you for the show to debut in the United States to get that larger exposure?
ZP: I’m over the moon about it. I’m so thrilled they’ve invited us to play on their channel. I am thrilled. I think they reach a huge audience and we’re so lucky to be over there. And I think that audiences are going to love it over there, I hope. I think the feeling on the show is the same for everybody. It’s going to be really cool.

AE: Are you prepared for if it becomes a hit in the states.
ZP: I’m mildly terrified to be honest with you. [Laughs] I’m joking, entirely, but there’s been such a big response so I’m bracing myself a little bit.

AE: More marriage proposals!
ZP: I know, I’ll be fending off marriage proposals with a tennis racket. I think it’s going to be great. If the reception is anything like it has been here in Canada, I think it’s going to be fantastic.

AE: Well you actually already do have tons on international fans.
ZP: [Laughs] I don’t know how. How are they getting it?

AE: Through somewhat legal means, I am sure. But I recap the show so I know there are readers from all over the world. Why do you think it’s had such universal appeal and been so widespread even though it is a show made and broadcast in Canada?
ZP: We’re in a time when science fiction and fantasy really hit a nerve with people. True Blood and Buffy, all those shows. People really seem to respond to those kinds of shows and I think we’re part of that family. And I think it’s a pretty good show, if I can say so myself. I think people are responding to a pretty good show. We’ve got some really great actors on the show, some amazing writers and producers. There’s something about the team of people who have come together to put this show on works really well. In terms of the core six characters, they are just so different from each other – Hale and Trick and Dyson and Kenzi, who is fantastic – they are so different from each other. So there is kind of someone for everyone in there.

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