An interview with “Lost Girl” star Anna Silk


AE: On a slightly different note, I had tipped my hat to Zoie for all the leather the wardrobe department puts you guys in. And I want to make a special thanks to the wardrobe department for all the tank tops and V-necks they put Bo in. We definitely appreciate it.
AS: The Bo cleavage is pretty epic. I mean, it’s so funny in the first season Ksenia, who plays Kenzi, would always like poke at it when I came in in the morning. She’d be like, “Oh, it’s so bouncy.” That is certainly some wardrobe tricks that happen. But I think it is important, Bo is a sexual creature. I think it is nice that they allow her to look like that. I want you to think of sex when you see her. You now, that is who she is.

It is funny, I was home in New Brunswick, which is in Eastern Canada, and my mom and my husband and I were watching old movies with Jane Fonda and all these women. And they have real curves. That is so sensual to see that. You don’t really see that in the same way. So I think it is great Bo has that kind of look.

AE: Well, mission accomplished, it’s lovely.
AS: Point taken, thank you.

AE: You know, obviously, you have this large fanbase already. Do you follow any of the fan activities. Fans who are into the show do creative things, have you watched fanvids? Do you know about Dr. Hotpants and Doccubus?
AS: Yes, I watch all of them. Because I am on Twitter and I also have a Facebook fanpage, I read everything. I can’t always respond to everything but I definitely read everything. People sent me a video last week, which was about nine minutes long, of holiday wishes from fans all over the world which was so nice. And I watched the whole thing. Definitely, when people send cards and letters, I read them. We have these two amazing fans in France who pioneer all these fanbased things that happen online – collages, videos, they have really been pretty great about it.

You know, I only went on Twitter (last) year. And I didn’t think it would be something that I would like. I don’t know why. I guess I thought I’d feel too much pressure if I wasn’t able to talk to everyone. But it is fine. People understand that not everyone can be responded to. But I love it. I love that interaction. I think it’s unique to the times we live in. And it is particularly important in the sci-fi world.

AE: Well, now I have to ask, because I asked Zoie – though it’s a little easier answer for her – but Team Lauren or Team Dyson?
AS: Oh my God. Oh, her answer would be totally easy. Gosh. You know what, I still to this day love both of them. As actors I love both of them, they’re both the nicest people. I think in terms of the character, the relationships are so complicated. They’re so complicated. I don’t think it is as simple as being able to pick a team. I think that she can’t. I don’t think she ever, ever will be able to – fully. She would do anything for Dyson. And she would do anything for Lauren. She really would. So I can’t. I have to abstain.

AE: I understand, too hard a question. Anything else you’d like to say to your fans at AfterEllen?
AS: I would say thank you for watching to the fans at AfterEllen. I definitely see the site and I love what you guys do and the way you cover the show, I think it’s great. You guys have really active opinions, too. And I love there are things you don’t like and there are things you do like. And you say all that. It is a really cool website and I think it’s really important. And I would say thanks for watching.

Lost Girl will debut, starting with its first season, on SyFy at 10 p.m. Jan. 16. It will return for the conclusion of its second season on Showcase in Canada at 9 p.m. Jan. 22. Lost Girl SnapCaps for Season 2 will run Tuesdays and Lost Girl Rewind SnapCaps for Season 1 will begin running Wednesdays on

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