An interview with “Lost Girl” star Anna Silk


AE: Speaking of Kris, there is obviously a very fierce Team Lauren and Team Dyson fan rivalry that has emerged. How do you feel about that and how do you feel about those two camps and what that brings to the show.
AS:  I love it. I love that we have a fanbase that has a really active opinion. And they are not afraid to voice it. I like that people are divided. I think it’s great and I think that’s the conflict on the show, that divide. I don’t think there are people who wouldn’t watch the show if things didn’t go their way in one episode. They keep watching, and that’s what is interesting. Bo and Dyson kind of got ripped apart early on in the second season. Wait. Well, I know you guys watch each episode and post about it. Sometimes I get confused about what season I’m supposed to be talking about. [laughs] I think that I like that people have a really, really strong active opinion.

AE: Another fascinating thing about the show for me is how it handles sexual orientation. It is largely matter-of-fact and unspoken. Bo is bisexual, and this season we’ve seen some Fae who are gay, but it is not discussed. Why do you think that approach works for your show?
AS: Well, it was funny, because when I read the pilot I knew that she was going to be in this love triangle with this character named Dyson and this character named Lauren. Because Bo is a succubus, because she is a sexual being and more sexual than most, I never thought of her as bisexual. It wasn’t until I had an interview and someone said, “So Bo is bisexual and what do you think about that?” I was like, well, I guess she is. It is not that I never really think about it, it’s just not underscored on our show. It’s not like, “Here is the lesbian part of Bo. And here is the non-lesbian part of Bo.” I like that we don’t talk about it. It is just who she is and she loves both of these people. I think that is kind of key to why it works.

AE: Sex and sexuality is obviously so integral to the show, but some fans have complained this season that they feel like the sex has been toned down a little. Do you agree that it has been toned down?
AS: It has, and I don’t necessarily know why it had been toned down. I think one of the reason is it is just the nature of where the storyline went. In terms of Dyson and Lauren, those storylines and those relationships changed, so they’re not going to jump in bed with each other all the time. It might lead in that direction that something like that might happen again, I am sure. But those two relationships were challenged severely.

In terms of the sex on the show, particularly me with guest stars, that definitely got toned down. And I don’t really know exactly why. But I did notice it. At some point last season I was like, “I don’t want to make out with anyone else.” [laughs] I was always like, “Hey, this is the succubus kiss. This is what we do. However you want to respond that’s fine. But this is what I’m doing to you right now.” So I kind of got that down. There definitely has been less, but I don’t think that was necessarily on purpose. But there is more of this season, and as you may know we got picked up for a third season. So, um, who knows.

AE: Speaking of that, how do you think the show has changed and grown from its first season to second seasons, now that you are half way through the second season?
AS: Well, I think the first episode back for the second season, all six of us were there – myself, Zoie, Kris, Ksenia Solo (who plays Kenzi), Rick Howland (who plays Trick) and K.C. Collins (who plays Hale) – we were all doing this scene and at the end of the scene I looked up and said, “You know what guys, we’re like a real family here now.” You know when a family gets together and everyone knows when to chime in. Because they naturally have this rhythm. And now we have that.

I think the first season, if I think about it from Bo’s perspective, Bo was so young, in terms of her knowledge. Her worldliness in the Fae world was so new. For me I was really lucky because as an actor I got to really grow, with her. I got to be this kind of like diamond in the rough in terms of my abilities. I think Bo will become strong, and has in season two. She has become stronger and stronger. She is more fiercely protective of the family she has made, of her lovers. I definitely think we’ve grown as a whole unit, and part of that has to do with how they’ve developed Bo. How they’ve made her grow and grow up.

AE: They really do seem to be building up to something big with Bo this season, with the emergence of the Garuda. Can you tell us a little what to expect in the second half of the season?
AS: Yes, well, battle definitely ensues. You can ask any of us recently, we’re really tired from all the stuff we’ve been filming. I think Bo really has to pull herself together and buckle down and focus on what is happening. There is a real threat here, a threat to her family, her friends – and when I say family I mean her friends. There is a real threat to this new world that she has come to embrace and really started to thrive in. So, um, that’s something everyone takes very seriously. Not every episode in the last half of the season are heavy and battley. We definitely have a lot of interesting things to come with the next nine episodes.

AE: How far are you into the shooting schedule? What do you have left to shoot?
AS: We have done 20 episodes. We have two left. (We’ve taken) a three and a half week break, which is fantastic, so everyone can be with their families for the holidays and travel. Then we come back early January and film the last two episodes. Then we’ll be on hiatus between the seasons until at least this spring. I believe we’re going to start filming again in April or May. That hasn’t been confirmed.

AE: You mentioned the fighting and the physicality for you. Obviously it’s such a big role and you are in almost every scene and it is physically demanding with the fights and things. How have you prepared and trained for that and stayed healthy?
AS: Gosh, you know, between the seasons I trained with this great martial artist in Griffith Park which is in L.A… Griffith Park is this really beautiful place in L.A. and I’d train three mornings a week for like two or three hours in like the misty morning with like coyotes running by. It was really cool.

Bo’s style of fighting, she is not an expert, she’s not a martial artist. But she is strong, she is smart. She kind of uses what’s around her to fight, which I kind of like. And this season I did a lot more sword stuff and fighting with sticks, which I also really like. I try to stay really fit.

And the hard thing is the challenge while you are shooting to maintain that level of fitness, because it is next to impossible. I just do, literally, what I can. If I have like 15 minutes in the trailer maybe I’ll do some legs. Or maybe I’ll take a nap. It just really depends on the moment. And I have a great stunt double, who I love. But I do most of the stuff myself, which I really like. Because I think that’s part of the character. I want to be able to do what I can, because it makes me feel like I am in this role, instead of just sort of starting on the ground and getting up like, “Wow, that was hard.” I’d rather have done it.

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