An interview with “Lost Girl” star Anna Silk

AE: Well I think you are probably familiar with having some lesbian fans because of Being Erica, but how has that intensified with Lost Girl? I spoke with (Zoie Palmer, who plays Lauren who has an on-again, off-again, oh-no-my-girlfriend-woke-up-from-her-coma-again relationship with Bo) earlier this week and she said she wasn’t expecting the marriage proposals.
AS: [laughs] I am not surprised that Zoie gets marriage proposals. Zoie is pretty darn charming. She always has been. I’ve known Zoie for several years just from audition rooms in Toronto, so she was always someone I knew. We’d always just look at each other and be like, “Hey, you’re cool. You’re cool.” We just always really had a nice connection. She is fantastic as Lauren on the show and is just a very charming woman. She just really is. So I’m not surprised she is getting marriage proposals.

AE: But how about you? Are you getting your fair share?
AS: I don’t. [awwww sound] Maybe it is because I am already married and people know that. I don’t get proposals. But I do get a lot of people professing their love. And I love that. It’s mostly love for Bo, which I love. Part of Bo is me, so I really like that.

AE: Your fans, particularly the gay female fans who read our site, have really embraced this whole Bo/Lauren relationship. Why do you think that has resonated so much?
AS: Well I think from the very beginning it was really important to Zoie and I that this relationship, as it was developing and as it stands now, was really, really organic and honest. You know this world that we play in, the Fae world, has all this crazy stuff happening. We wanted to make sure that that relationship was honest. And I think it is. I think Zoie and I as people are pretty grounded people. As actors we want to portray something that is real. And I think, I think that is what we did. So I think that is what has resonated with people.

AE: Recent developments have obviously thrown a wrench into that relationship with Nadia awakening. Do Bo and Lauren fans have reason to hope? Is there more to explore between those two?
AS: There definitely is. Yes. I don’t want to say more.

AE: You can’t say more?
AS:  No!

AE: Part of the appeal for the Team Lauren fans is the chemistry you have with Zoie, and you mentioned that already. Tell me what it’s like to work with her and why you two clicked as characters and actresses.
AS: One thing a lot of people don’t know about Zoie, but maybe you do after speaking to her, is she is hilarious. Like Zoie is very funny. And she has these funny moments on the show, but Lauren tends to be a pretty intense character a lot of the time. But Zoie herself is so funny that there have been times we’ve had to cut because I can’t stop laughing. She has the ability to laugh, joke and they call action and she pulls it all together. I can’t pull it all together because she makes me laugh too much. So I think we just have natural chemistry. She is a very funny person. She is really warm. She is a really generous actor and supportive. She cares a lot about the show. She loves playing Lauren and she puts everything into it.

That can be said of all the members of the cast. But for Zoie and I in particular, we really pay extra special attention to this relationship. Especially now that we know we have this fanbase that follows it, we want to make sure that it is still very real. If something feels wrong we bring it up at read throughs and stuff. For the most part it doesn’t happen. The writers are doing a great job with it. But if anything feels wrong we are the very first to speak up and say, “Hey, wait a second. Bo would never say this to Lauren at this point.” We are really protective of it. And she is really fun to work with.

AE: The chemistry and level of comfort you have with each other, does that make it easier or harder to do those intimate scenes you have to do together?
AS:  Well it definitely makes it easier, I think because we like each other. It’s always weird to do intimate scenes with people, but it’s not as strange if you are with someone that you like. We both know that these scenes are important and we want them to be honest. We don’t want them to be this gratuitous scene all of a sudden, you know. We want it to come from someplace that is organic.

I mean, I felt a little weird. We make jokes sometimes. I remember after our last love scene I saw her the next day and I was like, “We spent the whole afternoon kissing and I didn’t even get a text at the end of the day.” [laughs] It was funny. But I am pretty fortune on the show that with Zoie and Kris, who I’ve had a lot of love scenes in the past with, he is a nice and respectful guy. Those kinds of scenes you have to hope that it is someone that you like, and then you have to go for it. And it’s real, it’s not “real,” but it’s real as long as you like and respect each other and you know where it fits into the story.

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