An interview with Lisa Cholodenko

AE: A lot of lesbian films or films with lesbian story lines are criticized when one of the leads cheats with a man. Are you worried about a lesbian backlash to Kids from within the community?

No, not really. [Laughs] To me, the whole story is coherent and about something very specific and I don’t really have an agenda. I never meant for this to be a political film in that sense. It came from a personal place and in that sense it’s sort of more an auteur film. What excites me is the possibility that this kind of family can be seen on a wide screen and reach a mainstream.

AE: What did you think about the Time magazine story that found that children with two lesbian parents perform better than their peers?

I thought that was exciting. I liked the timing of that. On a personal level, I felt that was fortifying. And in terms of what people might want to pull out of their pockets and start asking me about when the film gets released, I thought it was a great piece of ammunition.

AE: Is there anyone you’ve worked with before that you’re hoping to work with again?

All these people, every person in this cast including the small parts were fantastic. That was the one across the board pleasure of making this film. For some reason, every actor just had it going on and just knew their character. That’s the fun part for me about directing films — having those experiences.

AE: Anyone from High Art or Laurel Canyon?

I’d love to work with Frances McDormand (Laurel Canyon) again — in a heartbeat. She’s one of those American gems. Hopefully there will be something for us to do in the near future. Patricia Clarkson (High Art) is another one I adore and want to work with again. I feel like I’ve had great experiences; I really love working with actors.

AE: What’s next for you?

I don’t have an answer for you! There are a couple things that I’m sorting out right now but I don’t have anything concrete so I have to see how things unfold. I’m reading scripts and talking about some television stuff and I’m hoping to get back to work sooner rather than later.

AE: Are you writing anything at the moment?
No. I’m throwing some ideas around with Stuart Blumberg, who I wrote this film with. I hope to do something with him again but we don’t have anything concrete that we’re going to do, but I would like to write with him again.

“The Kids Are All Right” opens July 9.

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